Friday, July 30, 2004

I finally had the opportunity to check out the speech that was all the buzz from the Democratic Convention on Tuesday night. 
I didn't get to see him deliver this speech, but reading it alone impressed me.
Check it out, the "blessed" skinny kid, Barack Obama...
I was on my computer, in my bedroom, when I heard a loud thud.
The cats were taking their morning perch on the balcony. It's a favored spot by the kittens, as they get to peruse the neighborhood for bugs and other wayward creatures.
When I went to the balcony, I discovered my smallest, the 8 pounder, who looks like a rat wet, had a bird about her size in her mouth.
"Let it go, drop that!" kept coming out of my mouth to no avail.
Fortunately, the bird was granted freedom, lest some feathers when Picollo tried to leap off the chair to carry her trophy over into the corner.
My hunter!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

It all started rather innocently, a few friends getting together for a drink and some birthday cake. The candles were blown out, the gifts were given, the cake was consumed, and then there was more. The birthday boy wanted to go out, and the crowd could do not but follow.
Granted this is generally the moment that I am backing to the door, giving my goodbyes, time to go home and rest, it's a school night you know! However, that moment came, passed, and I found myself driving to The Compound, that new club over by NST that blocks up their parking ya know...(mentioned in a previous post)
Every night at this club is different, and this was no exception, it was a predominantly gay crowd. Immediately, I and my other friend were separated from the pack... it seems that we are "breeders". (non-gays for all you folks in the burbs...)
This did not deter us, we still of course went in, and immediately to the bar.
The club is not only huge, but extremely cool, several buildings, several courtyards, a fountain (that later had our stinky feet in it!), and an amazing room/outer building that is strictly the dance floor. This rooms ceiling is covered with speakers and flat panel screens on every wall, practically covering it.
So, we danced. And danced.
And suddenly I caught movement out of my right eye. A guy had just PUSHED someone over in my general direction. I quickly spun the other way but this guy propelled towards me, and just grabbed my hands. He was direct and simple in his questions, "Do you want to dance?" to which I nodded yes. Then, "are you straight?", to which I also nodded yes, then unexplicably, the words came tumbling from my mouth, "You're hot!"
I think at that point you could say that I was sufficiently buzzed.
So, we danced!
My friends watched on laughing... the smile so broad on my face that it could barely be contained.
My dancer left to get a drink, his friends came over to help? offer advice? dance? and said two words that every woman wants to hear, "He's drunk!"
Really? is that why he is bouncing around like a top and waving his arms above his head like a future Chipendale dancer?
Fortunately, I was able to get back to seriously shaking my tail feather without further delay, or interruption.
Later, I grabbed my dancer for another spin.
He was 22 and a Tech student, OUCH!
Approached by Michelle, I was informed that the party was breaking up and said that some people were going to stay so I could also...
"No, I think I am ready to go..." I said, and made quick, polite goodbyes to my dancer and his entourage.
I woke up still on a dancing high, which, I am happy to say, I still have!
*No cradles were robbed on this evening.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Seriously, I am, I know that deep down in this little corner crevice of my lil' ole heart... However, when I had an odd phone call today and found out that someone had been using my last name and phone # for a credit application (and let's hope that is ALL that there was... a report from Equifax should provide further details in 7-10 days), I realized that I am as likely as the next girl to have someone commit credit card fraud on her!
Maybe you haven't noticed before, but as far as things go, I'm an idealist. You're good, you get good. Capiche? Call me Pollyanna, but this has been my general attitude in life. (and no, it's not like I waggle down a darkened street with bad men lurking about to see granny at midnight or something stupid... I have SOME common sense ((not where men are concerned but that's different right?)))
I am terrified if this (the phone #, coincidental last name, etc) is NOT the end of this... and I have already done the appropriate "FRAUD ALERT" thru Equifax which will pass along to the other two major credit authorization companies, so now I wait and see...
For all of those out there that HAVEN'T checked your credit report recently, it's free once a year at least.
There are for some reason, STILL many evil people out there that would rather take a ride on your train than their own. (your train is prettier after all!)
I suppose that part of what every person needs to figure out is what to hold out and what to hold in, because not all people are nice.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Thursday evening turned out to be decidedly much longer than I had actually planned it to be... I wanted to be home and on the couch by 11... so that I could be productive on Friday!
An out of town friend coerced me into going to some/any Blues establishment available for music,and of course, beer.
Willie's did not have anything recognizable, or fun, so I suggested a quick stop at Northside Tavern and perhaps Fuzzy's if it did not pan out (not knowing WHAT was going on there...)
NST it was, a good band too, which we later found out to be the Breeze Kings... who I highly recommend.
The evening here began with two excellent forecasters... no cover, and I did not have to pay exorbitant rates to park!
As we sat and screamed conversation over the loud, live band only 5 feet away... I suddenly noticed a regular performer at NST over my friends left shoulder... It was none other than Sean Costello! I was delighted and surprised!
Congregating with him were a few friends, a female (who by his wandering hands I can only assume to be his date? girlfriend?), and another gentleman that I discovered to be part of the Electromatics!
As the evening progressed, beers were had, music was listened to, and eventually, Sean and his friends jammed out with the Breeze Kings. I was, as I mentioned before, delighted.
My out of town friend, who, from Nashville, seems to be more up on the Atlanta blues scene than I, also introduced me to a lovely lady by the name of Lola! (yes, L-O-L-A, Lola!) She is purportedly an awesome piano player, who also has a band named (but of course!) Lola! I intend to find out where her next performance is, and I will give you a full review!
No evening would be complete without a late night bfast at Waffle House (which in its greasiness, was of course, consumed, in it's entirety!), and then homeward to bed!
I slept in of course, and my alarm clock, and my kittens, lost their battle with me to awake!

Monday, July 19, 2004

For all of those who want to be well informed about the political climate... go check out my friends blog over at High Resolution,
He's got his finger on the pulse... and blogs MANY times a day to update the most recent articles he has seen... so if you slow down, you will certainly miss something.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I had the oportunity to see my fave, not sure if I have really talked about him before... but his name is Sean, Sean Costello. A lot of my friends lived through the obsession that I have had with this man and his music (or was it just him?), and thankfully, a few of them are still around.
He plays over at Northside Tavern, a dive bar with occasional good music. (oh and that is in ATLANTA, GA)
Unfortunately, this area has been taken over by a new club that I haven't been too, but I liken it to a sort of removed Buckhead or Midtown because tonight... I actually had to PAY to park. I used to be a regular at NST, so I am not even accustomed to paying COVER... it's almost a foreign word to me... yet tonight was different. NOT ONLY did I not find a place to park, so, I actually had to PAY TO PARK, but the bouncer that knows me wasn't at the door and I HAD TO PAY COVER. I was completely offended, but I figure, it probably all works out somehow right?
Sean was there in regular form, I wish that my Mac could publish pixs, because I have 2-10. Ok, I will be the first (not really), to admit that maybe, possibly, I am not entirely over him... but he has one "fine set of pipes" on him according to even my best friends boyfriend... who almost forgave me (not entirely, I believe that he used the term STALKER) for my obsession with Sean. (yes, I think at this point I can call him Sean.)
Anyway, it was a great end to my evening to be able to see him perform for a little while. I even had the opportunity to dance up front with my friend which was fabulous except for the GWH, or to be more specific GWLH.
*GWH Girl with hair
*GWLH Girl with long-ass hair
Unfortunately this girl wanted to share her long hair with the world (including beating my best friend with her hair). Perhaps she had too much to drink or something... but we are both of the opinion that she herself was a devotee of Sean... she knew every lyric to every song.
His new album purportedly will be out October 1st.
I suppose first, I want to address the issue to the men out there... hey! if we aren't supposed to be the aggressor... the woman that is, HOW do we let you know that we are interested? I mean, to clarify, I have tried the hair flipping, the smiling, laughing at all the jokes approach with this man and somehow... he just DOESN'T SEEM to GET THE POINT.
Granted, we know each other through a business situation AND, I am old enough (but not that old), to know that it just doesn't mix... the whole biz/pleasure kind of thing. HOWEVER... this is one person in quite a while that I am honestly interested in.
I have friends that say, "ask him for coffee" or "send him an email" or both of the above.
But, I get back to the point, the point that women SHOULDN'T BE THE AGGRESSOR and I stumble... or I would have probably already asked him out.
I can go off for many paragraphs on "living in the moment" "never having regrets" "be true to your emotions" again, it hasn't always been prudent. This is the cause for my overly hesitant self... which I am generally not at all. So, I beg the question... HOW DO I PROCEED???????

Friday, July 16, 2004

Do you have wacky family? Weird uncle? maybe an odd cousin?
My family is one of those that other relatives probably concern themselves if WE are coming to the reunion, but seriously...
At first glance we are quite normal.
My sister however, doesn't appear normal. Her hair is died, bleached and can be seen from a distance of at least three miles on a clear day. She's a sensationalist like Madonna, but not in a profit oriented way. (by the way, have you gotten a look at her new children's books? She's just moving right along with her fans...)
Things that my sister obsesses over when I see her are 1) our parents divorce that ended so long ago (his new wife and he have been married for 25 yrs) 2) what my dad is up to, why hasn't he called every hour on the hour, is he mad at her for something? 3) rehashing old family drama.
Currently, she was just fired from her job. She claims that they didn't really give her a reason... don't they ALWAYS give a reason? Not that I wish to see her out of her job, but it is reassuring that someone else finds her as perfectly annoying as I do.
Psycho sis, to get attention, frequently turns a situation into more than what it is. For instance... when she was younger she accused my dad of abusing her. We eventually found out that the only reason she said this was because he had paid too much attention to our step-sister.
She's also the kind of person that ALWAYS stands behind the wrong argument, not really listening to what the entire thing is about. She just walks in, doesn't listen and picks a side because so and so said so, or perhaps she liked the way that they styled their hair that day.
The current situation is this: My mother, who has driven my grandmother into debt on more than one occasion (and once into bankruptcy), has seemingly, dipped her hand into grandma's coffers again.
Drama ensues, and the last thing I have heard about it was from my Psycho Sis, telling me that Grandma is being VERY DISRESPECTFUL to our mother, and that our mother had chest pains and would call me when she calmed down. (because of course she's NOT guilty, right?)
Again, picking the right side of the argument, my sis. I suppose yes, of course, my grandmother should still pay the way for her MARRIED, 60-something, daughter, right? Self-centered bitches, bless their hearts!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

How do experts get their experience? THROUGH SCREWING UP!
I am in the middle of the entire "wow, that was a dumbass move!" moment in my life.
I suppose that everyone goes through them from time to time again.
I try to look at it positively, you know, "the glass is full!" *that is until I dump it!
No seriously, sometimes you have to just keep on smiling, even though you know your first instinct was wrong. It has been a rough couple of weeks trying to maintain positive imagery of "my life".
New experiences though, are good, learning is good, mistakes mean that we are doing something (not just sitting on our buttkiss!)
Does anyone see the smoke coming out of these ears?
Something must be working up there!
This day couldn't have been better... well, of course, mostly!
I had my first test... not too bad after the many years of no test taking.
I finally got the counter to work on this site!
I found out that someone else actually READ and COMMENTED on my blog other than Olen and Leah (who's comments by the way I VERY MUCH APPRECIATE!) It was just cool, someone not directly connected by blogdom, read MY blog.
It was probably some sort of freak occurence... somehow his computer linked up to floating maybe he has a pet gerbil that jumped out of the cage and tap danced randomly on the keys... do investment bankers have pet gerbils? and hot girlfriends named Jaz? Naw! probably not! Doesn't really fit the scenerio does it?
Thanks Jay! for stopping by, even if it was only the one time... see how you have made my day? :)
I have learned a few things over the last few days...
It appears that most of my family is REPUBLICAN.
It appears that many of my friends are DEMOCRAT.
And both sides are staunchly so.
With the democrats, I ask certain questions.
And with the republicans, I ask others.
Some give great answers, others information that I just don't buy.
I have read web-sites of information on the movie and Moore's facts.
And I'll I have found is that Moore states his newspaper quotes, or items from the news online.
And the others site still other sources.
It was actually quite exhausting.
So, not that you are dying to know...
But I am still thinking about it.
I have come to one definite conclusion. The war in Iraq is bad, it's too bad that we made that decision, because now we are stuck there, it's going to be a while before we get out of that place. People on both sides are dying and more is developing behind it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

We also have Moore's defense!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Information! Information!
In my quest for more information on the Michael Moore film, I found this website (prob not a live link may need to do some cut and paste!)
Interesting rebuttal in any event...
more soon!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Sadly, as most people find this out about me they are disapointed. But, because of the way that I was raised, I have sucessfully stayed away from politics most of my life. There are things that I definitely have opinions about... like the entire Clinton/Lewinsky thing. Who cares? All the presidents have mistresses! Now we've just let an entire generation of young kids think that oral sex... isn't really sex. (yeah right!) It's just "Clinton sex". Good thing that I don't have kids, I'd hate to have to sit down with my teenage son and daughter and try to explain that one!
The class that I am taking... yeah, the Philosophy one, uses alot of the politics going on today for debate in class. It's all about the "right" kinds of arguments vs "wrong" ones. Not a big news flash to anyone, but apparently... we've all argued the wrong way for centuries! You AREN'T SUPPOSED to pull on people's heartstrings using different diversionary tactics... or are you?
So, we received an extra credit assignment, to see Fahrenheit 911, do a summary of it, and draw some conclusions about whether rhetoric was good or bad in this case.
The Republicans do it, did Michael Moore do it in his movie? Obviously a democrat, if you haven't seen the movie already.
I have never seen a Michael Moore movie, I tried desperately to get ANYONE to go with me. The one guy R, who would have gone, got tied up at work. People were either, Moore is slanting to the bleeding heart liberals... or I wish there was a more libertarian approach to government. So, I went by myself. (which I don't mind, however I generally try not to go on a weekend NIGHT, and appear so incredibly by myself... but I was desperate to get this assignment done for class.)
I had heard alot about the movie and wanted to try to be completely objective about everything that was presented to me. Unfortunately, I was unable to do that. Probably due to the fact that I have a serious lack of knowledge on alot of the points that were made in the film.
I found myself on an emotional rollercoaster, probably just what Moore intended. I don't fault him for that at all, I just didn't appreciate being forced there by his extreme presentation. He showed the many affects of the war on both the American people and Iraqi's. He showed footage of an Iraqi man waving the body of a dead child in the camera, asking the question "Did this child harm you?" Next more images, including one that was particularly haunting... an extremely young child with their arm completely exposed to the bone. Next an American mother, who lost her son when his helicopter went down in Iraq. She reads his last letter to her, expressing his anger with Bush, how he felt that the soldiers were in Iraq for nothing. Then American soldiers getting injured, feet blown off, hands blown off. And then, a meeting in America with alot of companies plotting how they could profit from "new" business in Iraq.
As I mentioned, I do have a lack of knowledge when it comes to these things and I was quite surprised by the relationship that the Bush family has with the Bin Laden family. The Carlyle group, that profited so heavily in the days after 9/11. How the Bin Laden was allowed to leave the country without even being questioned by the authorities at all. (a lovely Dragnet sequence in there also...)
They show the administration alternately showing in the months leading up to the war that Saddam Hussein had no access to Weapons of Mass Destruction, posed no threat, it was "under control". But then immediately following 9/11 how he suddenly had all of these things.
Next the reports from within the FBI/CIA about terrorists being in the country, learning how to fly airplanes... and the reports being ignored.
Next came the lack of effort made to actually GET Osama Bin Laden. How long it took for special forces to even get the opportunity to go after the man, MONTHS. And then showing Bush publicly stating that Osama wasn't a huge concern for him, that he doesn't even think about him. This is the man that claimed responsiblity to the 9/11 atttacks, and we didn't go after him? our president doesn't think about him? WHY NOT???!!!!!
This movie made me sick to my stomach. I didn't know who to be more ashamed of, Bush, for all of the acts that he has done, his close connection with profiting from his actions, his definite "good ole boy" network, the vendetta that he had against Iraq from the word "go", and his ties with the Saudis.
Or with Michael Moore, for presenting all these facts in a very popular movie. Sometimes in such a schlocky way that it pissed me off. (The referrals to "Bonanza" were highly entertaining.) And I found myself laughing right along with the crowd.
I came out worried about my country. If electing someone else would actually MAKE it better or worse. By now, we do not have much choice about our troops staying in Iraq. The American people have definitely made an impression on the country, and not always positively. Again, not trying to sound too ignorant, but in Time just a week ago, an article discussed how certain groups in Iraq want the Americans to leave so that the entire country can become a breeding ground for terrorists.
We did fund these groups in the past, us, America. Perhaps not by popular choice, but by administration choice. So, in a sense, haven't we empowered them? And by trying to clean up our mess we have gotten ourselves in even a bigger one. Because now there isn't a "safe" way for us to pull out of this situation.
I have people that I love in the military. Yes, it was their choice to defend their country. But, I don't want them to get hurt. I don't want anyone to get hurt. And the violence mounts in Iraq with each passing day.
As I mentioned before, I am sick to my stomach, anyone have any Tums?

I really thought that this year would be somewhat tame, my "birthday month" seems to always start early and go on a little later than most. It's the time of year that I indulge myself, treat myself, and do things more often than I normally do the rest of the year.
This year, as I mentioned, I thought would be pretty low key, no plans for a party, and lots of my friends in different locations.
On my home from the movies with my friend K, we picked up the loaf and I did the first thing that I always did, read my horriblescope! (they are truly funny in the loaf and generally make no sense whatsoever...) Allow me to share, because this one is a classic!
"In accordance with the astrological omens, I've assembled a host of snappy one-liners for you to wield in the coming week. Sooner or later, it will make sense for you to utter every one of them. 1) "It only seems kinky the first time." 2) "Even if the voices in my head aren't real, they still have some good ideas." 3) "To make your prayers come true, you have to get off your knees." 4) "I'm the good kind of bad." 5) "It's not really a party till something gets broken." 6) " Shut up and dance." (PS I don't anticipate there'll be any messy consequences if you cultivate the attitude I'm suggesting here. But in case there ar, invoke this disclaimer: "I didn't do it. You can't prove it. Nobody saw me.")
Oddly enough, I have uttered more than one of these on several occasions...
Why is this such a classic? Because it got me all fired up to make a point of enjoying myself on my birthday... which will be a little hard to do as I have to go to work, and class, and study for a test!
I'm off to get in trouble... "I didn't do it, you can't prove it, nobody saw me."

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Today, I woke up in the worst mood. I am not even sure why. I had an extremely low-key weekend with cousins and their family/extended families. I had lots to eat, drink, saw a movie and even excercised. Upon arriving home, I ate my favorite meal of steamed dumplings and masaman chicken... half, so that I could have some today. I even got my homework done EARLY!!!!!
However, when I arose from slumber... I tucked my head back into the blankets and immediately tried to think of reasons NOT to go to work today.
I was FOUL from the word, "Good AM!" And barely wanted to discuss our little vacation with anyone at work.
The mood extended, even though I desperately tried to avoid conflict, especially talking with anyone in general...
Thank god for my neighbor over at for coming all the way across the parking lot, lugging liquor, to make me a special tequila drink that I found tasty... but don't recall the name to.
He cheered me up and thankfully, unlike most, and a welcome change...didn't ask me why. I didn't have to even attempt to explain WHY. (when normally I would want to!)
Instead, we decided important matters, like his new status as Godfather to Mello Frisco, a recent four-legged resident of my apartment. Yep, he'll be there to spin tales for him like any father would, and of course, encourage drinking... (actually Mello is apparently a non-drinker, although he does indulge in catnip from time to time).
We also had to rag on the gentleman that was ragging on the new up and coming models on some stupid tv show...showing truly the brains behind supermodels!
Thanks for making me smile!
I am glad to know that I have good friends!

Saturday, July 03, 2004

My entire life, I've never considered myself a girls girl. You know, the one that obsesses over nails, hair, clothes. The girl that wants the top in the convertible up, because it would mess up her hair, blow it into her lipstick. The girl where things have to match, she can't go camping because she wouldn't necessarily be able to use a hairdryer, the kind that can't bring under TWO big suitcases with her whereever she goes!
I'm pretty laid back, I drive with my windows open, make-up minimal... hair must take 10 mins or less it fails the haricut test, clothes... non-obsessive. It's getting weird though... is this the another sign of aging? I have developed a shoe fetish, a purse fetish... and most recently, I think the worst kind of fetish.... JEWELRY.
I have never spent more than $90 on any kind of jewelry. And that was once, because they were just SO unique.
But, I made the mistake one night of going into Tiffany's. I know, I know... the worst kind of jewelry store right? But, have you ever BEEN IN THERE? I hate to sound shallow, and like, the worst kind of girl, but the shiny things really excited me. Diamonds, platinum, it was all very pretty. I was especially fascinated when I got to try a pair of earrings on that cost about as much as an extremely economical car. I probably haven't spent that much on clothes my entire life... maybe shoes, but... there was just some kind of electric energy about something that was so extremely impractical.
I feel like the chick in that movie... you know the one where when she gets the "mean reds", she goes to Tiffany's, because you just can't be depressed in there... you know, if I feel glum, I just swing over to their website! Have fun!