Monday, June 19, 2006

Getting dropped doesn't hurt too bad... it's the wait that is painful!

My school dropped me to a minor misunderstanding about my financial aid.
It took over an hour and around $650 to get reinstated for one class...

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Funny how today I ran into an aquaintance that I stopped hanging out with several months ago and a guy that I used to date.
I had once threatened, and perhaps in this blog, that if I ever saw this particular person again... I would run them over with my car (the guy, not the girl).
Fortunately, I was not in my car at the moment that I saw him. And sadly, I did not even recognize him until I drove away after saying hello to both of them.
He had changed his hair, his clothes, he looked completely different.
Sadly, I was polite to both of them.
He still owes me money.
She still owes me better friendship.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Went to the Derby last night!

I highly recommend this entertainment in the Atlanta area. These girls are serious! The MC's are hilarious! And there is a lot of jammin' going on!
*Just beware of strange men in the parking lot with black cowboy hats. Apparently they are planted to poll women of their marital status.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Perspective... that's what it is all about!

I hate to be repetitive... but sometimes I know that I get excited about something more than once. (Which if you think about it, isn't a bad thing.)
However, perspective is such an important thing in life. Like walking in someone else's shoes, seeing it from someone else's perspective, or simply appreciating what you have. I know it's cliche, but why do you think it is?
I just had a day that was incredibly awful, and it was professionally, not personally. I felt like a horse's ass. It took me all day to recover. And by the end of the night, I had let it spread to doubting my entire existence. What can I say?? I was in a mood.
When I woke up the next mornning after my pity party, I called my grandmother. I felt like such a schmuck as she told me what she had been going through for the past few days. It's her health, and she is in her 90's, and it is totally beyond control. She was trying to eat her breakfast, even though she wasn't hungry, she just knows that she needs to keep going.
And then I felt worse... she proceeded to tell me how cheerful I sounded when I called. And I felt like a fake.
But with her comments, I realized that there were worse things, and felt better.

U-Turns on Peachtree Street at Rush hour.... not a good idea!

And no, I did not attempt... just watched in amazement as someone tried to do it.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Hurry, Scurry, Worry....

I've had the last few weeks off of school and am just working my job. I have gotten some of those things done that I have wanted to catch up on, but not everything. It's amazing the more that you have to do, the more that you get done. However, the less that you have to do... yes, the less you get done.
We, as Americans, are always in a hurry. If we can't get it from you, we can get it online. If we can't get it here, there is some one up the road that may have it. If you can't get it done, there is the next guy waiting in line.
We really don't wait for anything anymore.
I can't afford it today, but I can put it on a credit card.
Why not now? Seems to be the answer for everything.
How skewed does that make our perspective? Our lack of anticipation? Our sense of accomplishment? Do we suffer from lack of delayed gratification?