Sunday, August 27, 2006


A dear friend left today to go overseas for a while. What can I say? I suck at goodbyes, and perhaps we all do. I gave him a quick squeeze and ran like hell, then I cried.
Yes, I am brave and honest and all that, but emotional at times also.
It's a good bye, but not forever, however you are still not seeing that person for a while... in the flesh you know. It's different over the phone and email, although we like to think that all of this technology keeps us connected, it really doesn't. Nothing replaces human contact. With the phone, at least you can hear a voice, with email... well lets just say that things can get misinterpreted.
So, now I ask myself, what will things be like when he is gone?

Don't wear a white shirt while eating Italian food and other good advice!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The truth

"Well, I don't love you."
I paused before I responded.
"Say it again." I asked.
He said, "What?"
"I want you to repeat that to me, the part that you don't love me."
"I don't love you."
"Goodbye then."
"Wait, it doesn't sound like you want to talk for a while."
"No, I don't."
"Well, I would still like to hear from you and know how you are doing." he responded.
A sound escaped my lips that was a half laugh, half disbelief.
I breathed a deep breath and responded, "Well, maybe later."
I checked the red button on my cell phone and put it on the dresser, then walked into the living room and began to cry.

Friday, August 11, 2006

My mother wants to save my life

My mother sent me a package today.
She wants to save my life.
My mother is a member of the JW’s, Jehovah’s Witnesses for those not familiar.
Years ago, more specifically, when I was in High School, I made a commitment to the church. By the time that I finished college, I had not attended a meeting consistently for a year. Now, years later, the last time that I set foot in a Kingdom Hall was for my Grandmothers funeral. My brother presided, the one that has not spoken to me outside of the church for maybe five years, perhaps more, because I do not attend.
Today I received literature form my mother, specifically a few Watchtower’s and an Awake. I am sure that you have run into these publications before, as the JW's produce them and go door to door to spread the word.
One small note with the package, “Daughter, Please read page 21 of the Sept. 1st Watchtower (letter at the top) You know how much I love you-Mom.”
The letter begins with the heading, “Have YOU left Jehovah?”
Forgive me if I bore, but I feel the need to repeat what the article says.
“If so, whatever the reason, your relationship with Jehovah and your eternal prospects are at risk. Perhaps you intend to return to Jehovah. Are you vigorously pursuing this now? Or are you putting it off until “the right time”? Remember, the storm clouds of Armageddon are swiftly approaching. Moreover, life in this system is short and uncertain. You cannot know if you will even be alive tomorrow. (Psalm 102:3 James 4:13,14) One man who was diagnosed with a terminal illness said: “This illness caught me serving Jehovah full-time, with no skeletons in my closet. And that’s a good feeling to have right now.” Imagine, though, how he would have felt if his illness had caught him saying, “Someday, I will return to Jehovah!” If you have left Jehovah, now is the best time to return.”
Did I mention that the titles of the other magazines that she sent are,”Religion, What good does it do?”, “Are We Living in the “THE LAST DAYS’?”, and lastly, “Is there a Creator?”.
To her, it’s the end of the world, and I am going to die.
I should appreciate that she wants me to live, but I just don’t buy into it… especially the brand of enlightenment that they are peddling.
Yeah, the world is going to end, but I think that it will be because the Muslims are protesting and the Christians will be defending against it.
Did I mention that I am going to have to see her next week?
Some vacation…

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skip the meal, go for the dessert!

After a huge storm this evening I found myself in Kroger to get something to eat. Yes, I cooked a meal!
I knew that I had to be careful with my fish choice as this was Kroger, and every piece of fish that I have had here... was not fresh.
I dared to pick up some red snapper! And red potatoes, and corn!
Unfortunately, oreos apparently landed in my basket by some freak shopping accident.
(Double stuff! Can you believe the luck?)
My meal was a disaster! I nuked the baby potatoes and then put them in a "bag" with the fish... including butter, wine, rosemary. Things that would make normal fish taste good.
However... the potatoes didn't get done, and neither did the fish. (which no amount of butter ever made it taste better!)
Normally, I don't suck in the kitchen. But like our friends over at Propeller Skies, we will just blame it on Kroger and their lousy, unfresh fish.
My review is skip the dinner, go for dessert! (The oreos are good until December 2006, do you think that they are bad for me?)