Friday, April 28, 2006

Ah work!

I am determined to vent about work here, instead of at work, as I have been doing for days.
I have a co-worker who has a sickeningly sweet southern accent that is constantly looking for ways to throw me under a bus. I am sure in the upcoming weeks that she will be looking for an angle to "trip me off the curb" so to speak. It's not because I have done anything other than breathe that she is planning this. If you want something for next to nothing, go to her. If you want to know about it, come to anyone else in the store. PS, she used to be in charge and told the boss not to give me a raise one year for something she NEVER told me about! In fact, she told me that there was a "crisis" of some sort and that I wasn't getting my raise!
We have another girl who is probably an alcoholic, but instead of any of us confronting her about her issue (which may help her get her life back on track), we continue to coddle her(although, I have tried to talk to the manager, who also happens to be her best friend). The manager acts like it's a non-issue and tries to throw sales her way to make her numbers look better. She has now worked at our store for a year, she may make goal this month for the first time.
It's not that no one cares, everyone bitches, but no one has the balls to do anything about it!
In the meantime, technology is being a bitch! All I'm saying is know thy computer, because they are it baby! And unless you know about it... no one else does, really, not even the manufacturer all the time. You get computer A with printer B and printer B may work on computer A... but this computer is actually computer A~ and has something special about it allowing nothing else to be compatible!!!!
Yes, it may be the latest and greatest... but nothing works on it so what is the point?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Need to get your blood pressure up?

Then you need to read my friend over at "Hit me Again"
And I quote,
If you aren't pissed off, you aren't paying attention.
It's not just a bumper sticker. This is not a drill. Life is under assault by the forces of death, and it's no time to stand silently by.
Check out his article on Marijuana and other things...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Why school is and isn't like real life...

Tonight in our lab as we labored on a two factor ANOVA problem, a girl actually packed her bag and left. (I can only guess that she was frustrated??? As was I...)
The lab tech had just announced that obviously we not only had to answer the first few questions, but graph them out.
The questions went:
"Use the following data, answer these questions.
1) Do you think that the data will show a significant difference between the sexes?"
Yes, now I see how that means that the only way to find the answer is to graph them out. Clear as mud.
I like direction, although in the work world that is often murky as well. However, I know for a fact that the best managers are indeed the best communicators as well. Indeed they are a rare species.

Walking in the rain with glasses...

Walking in the rain with glasses is not a recommended hobby, mostly, because it is hard to see. And sight is not an underated sense in my opinion, I'm a very visual person, and sometimes looking at things takes me away from everything else.
However, tonight I braved our sudden thunderstorm, to run a few errands, pick up some dinner and then go to my mailbox. You may ask... why is my mailbox so important on such a hideous evening???? Well, 2 more Netflix movies were due to show up. However, I am unhappy to report that not only did they NOT show up, no sign of the one that was supposed to be here two days ago did either.
On the brightside, we may lose power it's blowing so hard out there.
On the bad side, DAMNIT, were are my movies??? And will they get here in time for the weekend?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Traffic in the ATL

Today traffic occurred not for traffic sake, but because a policeman had a gentleman on his butt on the sidewalk... handcuffed of course. Everyone had to get there share of the policeman DOING HIS JOB, and attempt to figure out what had occurred.
In other news...
I had something completely profound to blog about that I thought about heavily as I drove my car home tonight from school.
However, by the time that I got my mail and realized that my Netflix movie still had not shown up for the second day, it completely left my head.
If it's really, truely profound, I expect that the thought will return soon.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Me : 1 Chocolate Bunny : 0

Well, not that it is a huge surprise, but I bested the chocolate bunny. However, I must tell you that this is only Bunny #1, and it was the smaller, hollower bunny. The #2 bunny is in a pen, being fed. He is the bigger, SOLID CHOCOLATE BUNNY. I fear that this match will be more challenging, more aggressive, and definitely more confrontational. Mentally, I must be up for this challenge. Bunny #2 and I agreed that we must rest and have time to prepare.
This also, worries me. This bunny is wise, and definitely has something in his head other than a cadbury egg brain.
I will report as soon as I am able as to this challenge.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Dogwood Fest

Big O and I went to peruse one of the biggest art shows in the South yesterday at Piedmont Park. Big O was tagging along for the drinking portion of the day that was promised AFTER said art fest.
It's amazing how much UNORIGINAL art is out there. Booth after booth of either cartoony fish or Ansel Adams wanna be's. And the jewelry, what a pity... how many necklaces can be made with circles and rectangles??? It's not original anymore...find a new style.
Needless to say, I found few things that I liked. And the things that I did, well, after all, why buy what you can put together at home?
Ah, but the beer drinking at Six Feet Under on their deck... now that was nice. Big O took some pix of new "Baller of the Week" and I got some great shots of my beer!
All in all, a beautiful afternoon was had by all!

Finale to internet dating, for now.

So, after dating a few gentleman that I met off of the internet. I have momentarily decided to let my memberships lapse off into the sunset.
Let's recap:
1)Several dates, but no spark! *Very manly the way that he pulled the disappearing act. I didn't feel it either, but let's part like adults.
2)Spoke directly to the wall instead of to my face, and yes, woman love to hear about networking for an hour solid. Tell me how you saved that biz's computer network! Oh yeah, talk dirty to me.
3)Was a bit put off by the "please don't wear perfume as I am allergic to many"... but curious enough to go out again, until you told me where we were going to go and when to buy the tickets for it. Who says chivalry isn't dead? (Second date, mind you, we aren't married yet!)
4)Talked alot about you, didn't ask me anything about myself... and when you moved in for the goodnight kiss... didn't you notice me turning my head to the side? This means, NOT ON THE LIPS. It doesn't give you liberties for a mad pecking expedition on my face because you missed my lips the first time.
5)You were too young! But I had fun!

I have been entertaining other avenues this week. For instance, "It's Just Lunch". It really sounds like a wonderful avenue. Wish that I had that much $ to put into it, because it is pricey for a full time working, college student such as myself. Basically you actually talk to someone that sets you up. Sort of like a good friend, but with better resources, and she's getting paid... so it's more serious if she screws up.
The other was "Great Expectations" which is a more traditional dating service where they actually do a back ground check... so that you know that the guy is not an ex-con, or married. Believe it or not, this is nice... people are sneaky, and it's not just men.
I haven't decided if I will or I won't. I'm just going to cruise for a little while and wait until school is out for a week or so.
In the meantime, anyone know any good single men?