Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's just time

for random thoughts...
I'm back! I'm almost back in the time zone literally too.
And my neighbor has a grill on his balcony, making me want to tattle on him. (My apartment smells like lighter fluid, is that a bad sign?)
Atlanta did not smell like it was burning today, but lots of sinuses are still bad.
Do you think Atlanta is coming down with TB? After all, CDC did not tell the guy with the rare form of it that he couldn't ABSOLUTELY travel. And while he was in Italy, scared for his life, he decided to travel no matter what the cost...
Darwin award?
But on which side?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Amazing people

In our everyday existence.
In my mundane, yet slightly different from the norm, daily job... I most recently met a gentleman, a hero in fact.
He was a hostage way back in '79-80 in the Iranian hostage crisis.
Oddly, I remember this well, even though I was only about 8 years old.
Imagine if you can, being in front of a firing squad?
Imagine, if you can, being tortured for a month solid?
Or how about being in solitary confinement for years?
Or in a cell handcuffed to another human being?
What kind of person would you be?

Oddly, he reminded me that there are people everwhere, everyday doing incredible things that do not get the credit or recognition that they deserve.
What is the difference between courage and stupidity? (he asked)
Nothing. (he answered.)

What do you think of the war?
We shouldn't have gone to begin with. (he answered)

I like that occasionally I pay attention. It's amazing what you see and hear.


Like a cat on balcony looking at a bird that is easy prey in the tree next to it... that is where I am.

Sadly, it is all I can confidently and vehemently discuss, which makes me feel trite, braggart, ridiculous. However, I feel that it could be my redemption to an extremely stressful existence which I am weary of.

What could I possibly mean? My VACATION of course! Silly, even as I have all of these ill feelings of discussing it, here I am blogging about it.

I am going on vacation. I cannot relax at the moment, even as I think about it. It is somewhere I have never been, so how can I imagine a realistic moment of relaxation?

Pre-fantasy is generally unsuccessful, so why attempt it? Why not accept the experience as it happens, un-preconceived so to speak. I read, I can "plan" only so far as to know what I would like to happen when I am there... but I'm content to roll with it.