Sunday, September 03, 2006

Never walk in white, especially if it looks like it may rain!

Just when you thought it was over

Someone leaves a bag of your stuff on your door that you never expected to see again.
So, what do you do? Do you return the stuff that you have to them? And the daunting task of how? It won't be as easy for me as it was for him. I, after all, did not have a gated keypad not only for my parking lot, but also for the door.
Call? Don't call?
After all, this was MY idea to leave ... the relationship? friendship? fuck-buddy? situation that we had could go on forever as it was for him. Just not for me.
I was a little pissed about the drop off. This was something that surely could have waited, why now? Why only a few weeks after I had told him that I couldn't do it anymore, no, I have to say I would not do it anymore.
Don't call HIM, call instead anyone other than him to vent, to rage, to express my anger and surprise by his little move. And don't call him as the weekend goes on. Just wake up in the middle of the night to reassure myself that no, he wasn't there, and yes, I had done the right thing.
It hit me the next week the appropriate way to give him back his few items, the ones that I had. I knew someone that worked in his building, an old acquaintance. I called and made up a lie about my friend that lived in his building, said that we just couldn't seem to meet up so that I could get some books back to him. Would he mind helping me out by putting them on his door? Of course not! he replied...
It was too easy.
Of course not.
I dropped off the books to my friend, thinking that he would put them on the door. He did not, but instead caught him as he walked to his apartment.
I caught all of this third party from a co-worker of my acquaintance, as he told me how he had met my friend and given him his package...
Much more awkward than I had anticipated, but days later, after an envelope arrived with my key and a curt note. I knew that it was really done.