Sunday, February 19, 2006


So, the fourth date was apparently the last. This relationship was going in reverse, we started to talk less and less... after prompting I was told that I was liked well enough, but no spark. Sorry to have to pump that information out of you fella! Perhaps a simple, I don't think this is working out would have been sufficient... rather than trying to become a missing person. Is this appropriate etiquette in dating life... I must really be out of practice!
According to my friends (of course, who are all IN RELATIONSHIPS) this is supposed to be fun.
I am having a blast.
Today I have a date with a fella that is allergic to "purfume" as he put it in his email, and could I please wear very little or none at all? My step-father (always quick with a line) says that when I arrive he will probably tell me that he is allergic to the fabric that I am wearing and could I please take off my clothes...
Good one!

Behind you

Behind you I see a small freckle on the back of your left ear, and the matching one on the back of your neck. They are well placed and the deep contrast between them and your skin makes me want to reach my hand forward to caress the back of your neck. Fortunately, I manage to refrain, and my hand still rests under my chin.
Behind you I see the view through your rearview mirror. Why do you choose now, on Peachtree, in the middle of downtown to pick your nose?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow on my car

Wow! I just looked out the window and received a very rare sight indeed, there is snow on my car. Not to worry, in Georgia this never spreads to sticking on the ground, or anything that may actually cause work to not occur (do I sound like I am still in high school? well I am still in college!).
Interesting weekend all the way around, little bits of everything thrown in.
On top of the bad weather, a friend of mine had some tragedy in her life. Her sister passed away in a car accident at the end of the week. It, of course, was not a good weekend for her. I was impressed how quickly the family rallied around and showed up for the funeral. Her dad's house was full of loving people, eating, drinking and going through the grieving process. That is a great thing about families, thankfully, at those times, everyone does the "right thing" and takes up for one another.
We had tango this weekend... a show with Julio Boca. Apparently he is quite big in South America, and after seeing him dance (sometimes just in his briefs!), I can understand why. It made me want to dance, in slutty heels and my underwear. (Which is of course how I dance all the time right?)
Then that takes me to my date. Yes, I actually had a date. To be specific, this would be the fourth with the same fella. Yes, I did meet him on one of those online sites. Stay tuned.
Oh, and I forgot to post about my one hour date. I could barely get a word in edgewise (I had to stand up from the table to announce that I to go to the bathroom.) Needless to say, no repeats of the one hour date guy. The great dating experiment continues!