Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Skinny people can be scary!

I've been noticing the "too" skinny people lately. Have you ever noticed when they smile that they look like skeletons with skin?
Thank god! I'll never have that problem!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I am climbing to the moon, jumping off to reach floating velocity. When I do everything will be the best, nirvana, heaven. I'll be moving forward and floating at the same time, suspended by momentum that sustains me, holds me in place, in that space.
This energy which literally, physically makes me effervescent also buoys my soul, my spirit.
I am floating above the landscape, looking at the view. It is beautiful here, the sky is so blue, azul, clouds powdery white. Trees lush and green pine dotted with gray brown spiderweb leafless trees of winter. Up, up, up smaller green, smaller spiderweb patterns combining and becoming smaller and smaller patterns of color connected to one another. Up, up, up sky cobalt, beautiful, peace.
I zip, I float, I motor across the sky.
Effortlessly, I go up and down.
Muscles relaxed, tensionless.

Driving Downtown

Can always be a challenge... for example a pizza delivery starting in the far left lane on a one-way, four lane street, in the middle of rush hour, attempting to get to the far right lane in less than a block... then getting pissed off when no one lets him!
Or the kids racing across Marietta St. waving their Thrashers banners while their parents struggle to keep up, and cars swerve to avoid them!
And my personal favorite... the Christmas tree that was dumped on the 85 access road for no apparent reason.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dinner w/ Papa G at Neno's Cucina

As you may have guessed, Dad had decided on Italian... even though the night before he said sushi. I was in a bit of a scramble, as it's hard to get a seat in any good restaurant on a Saturday night in the Atl.
Can you imagine that when I went to the grocery store and groaned for the 4th time about not being able to get a reservation that a total stranger asked me what was wrong? I told him, and he recommended Neno's on Cheshire Bridge. I was able to "get in" with the maitre de at a reasonable hour (not 10) for dinner...
Dinner was awesome, and the conversation was pretty good for my family, and we had a great night. I won't let the fact that he finally decided to tell me that the dog that used to be mine and that my brother was taking care of, had to be put down. And... just like my father, he mentioned it in such an offhanded fashion that it was sort of like he announced that he had just taken out the garbage.
They left first thing, we did get to have a quick bfast at a local hang out down the road called West Egg (which also has wonderful spicy, garlicky grits.... if you can believe!). They had to be on the way as my other step sister in Kentucky was having pizza for dinner and wanted them to stop in... all the better to leave me sooner!
All in all, things were good for us, and relatively drama free.
As for Neno's, may I recommend the veal?

Friday, January 06, 2006

From Minks to daisy dukes!

I had to actually drive to the aiport last night to swap, get this, a PAPER ticket. Yes, they actually still exist. Well, at least through Orbitz they do...
Scenery at the airport is always interesting, such a wide melange of individuals milling about. And as you can guess by the title I did not only see a young lady on her way to a premature spring break, but an older one bathed in fur. All, after of course, my 20 minute swap of a ticket where the monetary value of my paper ticket was reduced by a wide array of "fees", which probably paid the gentleman that swapped it out, along with the individual at the help desk that had to walk him through the procedure. (Not to mention the huge cut taken by Delta, and British Midatlantic.)
I had only a mildly psyhcotic day at work which is probably what stopped me from getting a ticket for that moment to go somewhere and never return. Although, I am always tempted.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

According to the experts...

So many little personality tests that are on these websites for online dating...
According to them I am Idealist with a Spontaneous love style looking for an Individualist.
Or that I am a "dutiful host" looking for another "dutiful host" or "the traditionalist". Wow with all this modern technology psycoanalyzing me... how can I NOT find someone?


I must say that I've spoiled you all rotten... what two posts in two days time. As you can see from my history, don't expect it, because it's probably not going to happen again soon.
I just want to say that there has to be some way to make life after holidays NOT SUCK COMPLETELY! You would think some innovative American (or just anyone!) would have thought of a way to make the first days back at work less painful. It wouldn't be the management at where I work. They pretty much delight in telling me bad news as quick as I can walk in the door at work, and not anything good.
The "assistant" manager, who refuses to pretty much be called that loves to come to my desk and give me the "bad" news as quickly as possible to make me have a bad beginning to my day. I am sure that we all have someone in our life that is that way... but the question is how to resist the temptation to do exactly what they want? I have tried to smile, and say whatever. I have tried to change the topic. He is just one of those people that knows the right thing to say to make you the most frustrated, mad and angry that you could possibly be at that moment in time. He's the one that leaves you and then you swear to yourself you won't be working there by the end of next year.
Anyone got one of these?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's a new year, new goals and plans

Well it's a new year, everyone starts out with their goals and plans! I've heard several: I'm going to lose 100 pounds by the end of the year. (That would be .274 pounds a day!) I'm going to save more money! I'm going to quit smoking! etc etc etc
However, they say it is unrealistic to start at the beginning of the year to do any of these things. What do all of my (1) readers say about that?
As for me, I know that this year I plan to bust ass to finish as many classes as I can in school, and work, and try not to go slowly insane.
Thank god I have my cats, P won't let me sleep in or type on the computer keyboard!
Will I make it? Will I meet someone that actually wants to be in a relationship? Stay tuned folks!
I have actually started the "online" experiment. Everyone tells me that they've heard from their co-worker that their sister's friend found someone thru online dating. I figure I'll try it for 3 months and see what happens.
So far what I find interesting is that all men, no matter their physique, are looking for supermodels for their online dating experience. Yes, petite women only apply. I have a great smile, humor,etc, but not that kind of body. Well, we shall see folks.
So far, I have actually "emailed" a few back and forth with relatively good conversation so far. But after all, it's only an email right?
And the other service that I am exploring has it's "exclusive" compatibility parameters that only expose you to your "true compatible partners". Subsequently, I have seen matches from Alaska, which is interesting as I live in Georgia.
"They" those wise beings that are out there, say that you have to tell people what you want in a relationship and just hold onto that all the while letting everyone know within earshot. So, here goes!
I'm looking for a relationship!
He must have a job!
A place to live!
A form of transportation!
Be considerate!
Able to have a conversation about things other than himself!
Be open with me! Share things about friends/family/himself with me.
(trust me... all of this SOUNDS simple... but it really doesn't seem to be...)
Interested in books!
likes to travel!
Be nice
Have a sense of humor
Make me laugh
Has to be able to co-exist with my cats!
Ok, that's enough to bore even me now.
I'm off!
*Best opening comment so far on one dating site... Call the fire department, because YOU ARE SMOKING!