Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The love affair continues, or How I became an Izombie, part two

After walking out of the store, I was inappropriately prepared for what to do next. I felt as if I had to do something next... but was blank as to ideas.

I called my generous friend from my new iphone, to give him my new number. I had after all, at some point decided to not keep the old one! That surprised him, but he laughed at my excitement over my new toy.

Promptly, I came home to sync it all up... charge it all up and examine all of the new buttons and gadgets on the phone.

Habits are hard to break, and I still found myself grabbing for my old phone. I new how to find people... dial the phone, change the volume, etc.

It took me two days to begin really using it.

Last night I found myself drifting on iTunes looking for ring tones. Agonizing over ring tones. Preparing the perfect snippet of a song to put on my phone.

But, as we know, love is blind and the phone is not perfect.

It requires LOTS of power, and needs to be charged more than any phone that I have had.

However, I've never had Google Maps on any phone that I have had before either...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Apple has turned me into an iZombie, part one

I recently was given an extremely generous gift card to the Apple Store for my birthday. A good friend knew that I had been drooling over the new iPhone 3G since I had heard that it was being released (conveniently the day BEFORE my birthday).

The day of my birthday came, and I received a birthday card from said friend(s) with a promise inside of a new iPhone 3G. After waiting in line, they were disappointed to discover that the store was out of phones. They even pleaded my case... birthday surprise and all of that, but alas and alack... there were no phones to be had.

After journeying to the store at least twice after, a gift card was finally purchased instead of the actual phone (it was also later discovered that I needed to be present for the activation of the phone).

I waited. I waited some more. I heard horror stories of eternal lines and stores being out of stock. And after four days I decided I would try my luck.

I went to Lenox Mall. As many fellow Atlantan's know, this is THE MALL to go to. And gauging the line outside of the Apple store, many thought it was THE ONLY one to come to. The line was, well, a football field long. And no associates seemed to be anywhere near the line.

I wondered in the store and avoided the line, casually asking the last gentleman in line if he was in the line for the phone (knowing full well that he was!), he responded, "I hope so."

I putted around, played with the demo model of the phone, and sidled up to the counter to confirm the exact amount of my amazing gift card. (I was stalling, as you will see.)

I wandered to the front of the store again. I asked the woman and her children who were now in the front of the line, "How long have you been waiting?"

"Four hours now."

"Hmmm. 'bye!" from me.

Even as I walked out, enthralled by this rock star product, I knew I would be heading up the road to Perimeter Mall. A great mall, but in Atlantan status OTP. *meaning "out of the perimeter", a highly undesirable geographical location when one lives ITP "in the perimeter". This is laughable, when one realizes that this mall is approximately 10 minutes away via a wonderful thoroughfare called affectionately "The 400".

Coming up to the store at this mall, I see that the line is much shorter, and a cheerful Apple representative chatting with the folks in line. Tentatively, I jump in line. Shortly after, I am asked how many phones I want, and if the 16G is ok (in white). ( I really wanted the black 16, but I figure I will put a case on it anyway, so I nod.)

Suddenly, he snaps the line shut behind me. Seeing my surprise, he says, "we will be out of equipment at this point with the numbers that I have."

I muse out loud to him, "I'm not sure how long I will wait. I haven't had lunch. Do you know how long it will take?" He tells me that all the activations have to be done in the store to aid in the process. He doesn't really have an estimate.

Moments later, another gentleman wanders up behind me. He tells me that the "line" guy is checking to see if they have another phone... someone left line! And then, "snap", he is behind me!

Harold has his laptop, so we decide to watch the Barack speech online. We dial it in, but it is hard to hear because of all the back ground noise in the mall, he jumps into the store for a headset. I sit with the laptop speaker (really...), in my ear, held up ala boom box style like in "Say Anything".

It takes him a few minutes to return, and by the time that he plugs his headset in, the speech ends in 3 minutes. We then spend the next 20 minutes looking for the playback, and watching suggested items on Utube.

The mood in the line is festive... until grumpy comes in the back of the line.
He demands (basically refuses to leave) to be admitted to line. Apparently, an associate told him 10 minutes ago that equipment was to be had. He waits, belligerently, and finally is granted access.

After the outburst, grumpy is ignored, and more surfing on the net ensues.
Thirsty, I decide to attempt to leave.
I ask Harold what he would like to drink, and dive downstairs into the food court.
I am really after lunch, so I go to Chic-fi-let and get lunch. I decide to buy him lunch (he's holding my spot after all!)
I go back to line and we munch away happily.

Suddenly, I am the first person in line. Next, I am introduced to "Garrett" who will assist me.
Moments later I walk out of the store with my phone, in a post shopping euphoria.