Monday, June 09, 2008

The Rules

It is interesting to hear, especially the older and the more single that one becomes, the interesting "rules" that individuals abide by in the dating world. These are the mysterious philosophies that singles seems to abide by, and yes, they seem to become more specific as time goes on.
Ok here we go, dating philosophies and the "rules" that we hear about...
Don't sleep with him/her on the first date
! or not until the 7th date! or not until you have been going out for a month!
Do not call her until the day after the date! Two days after the date! Three days after the date!
If a boy/girl asks you out on a Thursday for a Friday or Saturday, tell him/her that you are busy. Never accept a date offered on the same day it would occur.
Offer to split the bill. The man always pays.
Never cancel plans with friends for a guy.
Don't talk to him/her about other girlfriends. Be open and honest about yourself. Never tell them too much, always keep them guessing. Never be too available or too unavailable. Make him leave one or two messages before you call him back.
Dates should be short and sweet and leave him wanting more.
Know who you are looking for.
It will happen when it is supposed to.
Project an image into the universe of what you want to find, it will be like casting a net.
You'll only find someone when you are at peace/happy with yourself.
I can say that these are true for me~
Don't call too much.
Don't buy me a birthday present when we have been out once.
Don't tell me that I am running away and must not be ready to be in a relationship because I do not want to spend any more time with you when we have been together for six hours already.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Shallow truth?

I was talking to a co-worker yesterday about a customer that had beautiful eyes, but was a bit overweight.
She was ashamed to admit that she would never date anyone that was overweight...
After mentioning to her that she probably felt that way simply because she had lost her own weight recently, she replied, "No, that is what is so fucked up, even then I would NEVER date anyone that was overweight."

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Follow up from Sean Costello

Atlanta's own Creative Loafing did a feature story on blues musician, Sean Costello. I was saddened to read the article, as it revealed no more about his death than previously spoken.
This evening, on a whim, I went back to CL's website and found the following information:

On Tuesday, June 3, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office released its autopsy report on Atlanta bluesman Sean Costello, the subject of this week’s Creative Loafing cover story: Sean Costello, 1979-2008.

Sadly, it was a drug overdose that killed him. The report states that the cause of death was “toxicity of heroin, chlordiazepoxide, ephedrine and amphetamine.”

The report also notes recent cocaine use by Costello. The medical examiner who completed the autopsy, Dr. Geoffrey Smith, says that it is impossible to determine exactly which drug or drug interaction caused Costello’s death, but it was most likely the result of the combination of the drugs in his system.

Chlordiazepoxide, also known as Librium, is a prescription anti-anxiety medication that is often prescribed to patients who are experiencing alcohol withdrawal, and not a typical treatment for just anxiety. Ephedrine and amphetamine, also known as speed, were found in small doses.

The police officer’s notes that were released with the autopsy also indicate that two packs of Parliament cigarettes were discovered in the hotel room where Costello’s body was found. One pack was full. The other contained one cigarette and a crack pipe. The initial police report stated that Costello died a natural death.

In light of the autopsy report, Costello’s former bass player and business partner, Aaron Trubic, underscores the tragedy with his quotes from this week’s cover story:

“… If you’re talking about demons and depression they should be used to catalyze a discussion about how the music business fucks with you on a daily basis and is not conducive to a normal lifestyle, and if you have a chemical disorder it makes it 10 times harder.”

I find news like this disturbing.
It is hard for me to hear because listening to this man play and sing made me happy. So happy that I dragged everyone I knew to listen to him.
It is hard to reconcile that everyone has things that they hide away from the light of day.
It is even harder to know that these things killed this man.

This happens every day, which is why it is imperative to me that work must be done to help individuals with any type of mental disorder.

To the woman in the Black Jeep Cherokee this AM

Thanks for attempting, in your own way, to PUSH me to work.
I attempted to get out of your way several times, as my rear bumper and your front grill are not one fused unit.
Please buy a plane, or a helicopter, then you will not have to be annoyed by the common folk attempting to get to work.

Monday, June 02, 2008


The dream ending... of course!
Need I say more? Please pass another cosmo my way so I can buy into this fairytale...

It's June, and it is 90 degrees.

Summer has arrived.