Thursday, October 28, 2004

Do you know that there are interactive toys now?
I thought that it was quite cool when I picked one up for a niece, so cool I bought a smaller version for myself... what can I say? I like toys!
Thought this was so interesting that I told my psych teacher about it. She thought it actually sounded kind of creepy... which of course led me down a complete other path.
At first I thought, wow! a toy that shows us how to interact positively with others.
Then I thought, SHIT! a toy that kids have to interact with... that isn't real or human.
Isn't that what is wrong with society today anyway?
We interact with devices and machines instead of people.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I recently found myself out for dinner with a few good friends that had run into some old friends at a restaurant.
Over the course of the dinner, I found out how the people that we had joined, a man (who we will call J), a girl (that we will call R), and a woman, (that we will call S), were related.
They were already in the throws of sushi and sake, and apparently had been there for a while.
We've all been there, joining a group of individuals who got started drinking well before you and suddenly you weren't able to "catch up" in conversation so to speak. I didn't even try, having had enough the previous evening, and was silently astounded by the conversation.
The girl, R, was S's daughter.
Not only was she 17, drinking sake with her mother in this restaurant, but they had a fascinating conversation about the current lovers in her life. Mother and daughter were also comparing notes about who had slept with the most men in a day, daughter was quite disapointed that a failed orgy hadn't brought her closer, or better than mom's "best" of 3 men in a day.
Next was a conversation about how R was a "crack" baby, who's left and right side were so varied from each other that her one breast was a size b, while the other a c... and didn't I want to see? (No, I politely declined the opportunity to "feel" or "see" her breasts.)
And then back and forth jibes between mother and daughter..."bitch" "you bitch, you drank my sake!"
No, really, I found all this fascinating...
But it made me curious about boundaries.
Or LACK of them to be exact.
Interested in opining... I'd love to hear!

Monday, October 11, 2004

Ah! The Apple Ipod, what a wonderful invention.
Can you believe that it has practical uses outside of simply LISTENING TO MUSIC?
For instance... you can record lectures, thoughts, events with it.
(of course, with a simple add on...)
And transfer images to it for storage.
(of course, with another simple add on...)
And listen to your Ipod music through your car speakers.
(of course, with yet another simple little add on...)
But of course...
I will eventually own them ALL!

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wow! I have been FULL of culture for the last few weeks...
Carmen, another wonderful opera about a mama's boy gone bad... and one of the few love and leave'em women that you see so rarely in any form of entertainment!
Also, The Color Purple... in a musical! Amazing music, of course, lots of blues... prob why I liked it so much. You MUST GO, YOU MUST GO, YOU MUST GO!
And, bellydancing, cool to watch, but when I found out that it was mostly used to seduce men... I felt like I was in a restaurant turned nudie bar!
Well, there was wine, so I survived!