Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The American public screams, "Someone, please wipe my ass!"

It's obvioulsy been a long hard day at the salt mine for me to write the title to this blog.
It's just been two days of people looking at me with really, stupid looks. The look that says that the light is on but there is no one home.
If you have a computer, why would you not know how to install software on it?
And how is it my responsibility? (Except giving me that OH! Please! You gotta help1)
Guess what?
I don't have to.
And you can't make me.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Pizza Hut's not so customer friendly service Super Bowl Sunday

I had guests over for Super Bowl. I also saved coupons from the paper thinking that Super Bowl Sunday would be an excellent time to use them.
We settled on Pizza Hut for sustenance, wanting to get both wings and pizza at the same time.
I find on the web, phone numbers for nearby locations, noted on the site to be delivery locations! Wow, amazing how easy this is!!!
Next I call a number paired with a location said to be 2 miles from my house. YIPPEE!
So easy!!!
I wait, as it is Super Bowl Sunday, on hold for 5 minutes. The operator gets all of my information to tell me that she cannot deliver to me. I am given an 800 number to call for this information.
I call the 800 number and retrieve two phone #s said to deliver to me.
One of the numbers is from the same location I had tried before... but a different number.
I try that first, as mentioned before, they are supposed to be 2 miles from my apartment.
I am on hold again for a while. Once again, I give the operator my information, and once again, I am told that this location cannot deliver.
I am diligent in my Pizza Hut coupon use and try the number that this operator gives me.
For the third time I wait to give my information to someone, she eventually gets on the line, gets it, and tells me, well you may have guessed.
She offered to give me an 800 number to find out who delivers to me. I told her thank you no... already called it and they gave me her #... and then I called Giorgio's. (For the record, I generally go to Giorgio's, but I thought I would actually try to save a buck. It just wasted a half hour of my time instead!)

Not very patient with caffeine...

No big surprise, I overcaffeinated myself this morning and found it to be horrendous to wait an extra ten minutes to meet with the honors advisor. What was worse was watching for 15 minutes with nothing to read, examine, listen to, etc, the woman who would interview me walk from one office to another and have multiple conversations with other people (just not me!).
Result me + caffeine = extremely impatient