Thursday, February 21, 2008

270 million

Wow! Think about all of those zeros...
Today at work we all talked about what our numbers were going to be so that we could win the big prize tomorrow night.
Even a customer, who had just recently one a quick pick, was quick to say what the "cash option" would be, and had it figured, within a million or so what you would get after taxes.
Needless to say, it was an interesting reverie as I drove home from work. The drive was a little longer than normal due to all of the rain, so the dreamin' went on for a while, and oh, it was nice. (Also nice to know that my imagination is still just as good as it was when I was young!)
When I discussed it with a friend over dinner, she laughed and said she just had the same conversation with someone else today. Their conclusion was that although money may not bring you happiness, it sure would make living a lot easier... I'll say!
Don't forget to get your ticket, can't win if you don't play!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Walmart or Target?

Long ago I identified myself as a "Target" girl. I was quickly seduced by their clean bright displays and merchandise with a little more "flair". (And no, not talking about the kind of flair found in "Office Space".)
The seduction began when I moved to Orlando after my first graduation from college, and finally getting my own place. (AKA, not having to live with Mom anymore.)
It's probably the first place I was not PROMPTED to shop at, it wasn't the only choice Orlando had to offer it's inhabitants.
And the shoes!
Tonight I went to WalMart. The only reason that I have had the occasion to shop there in the last few years is because of my nephews. They live on Oahu, and WalMart is about it for them for that kind of store. AND there are "toys" that are unique to them, or at least for me it seemed when an Auntie was sent in search of the latest and greatest collectible for her nephews.
Last Christmas I dove in, fought the crowds, and crowded aisles and melee of merchandise piled in random order throughout the store. I purchased the toys, and of course found DVD's for other gifts. Getting to the register at last (as the place is several football fields of confusion), I made my purchase and drove home. Upon arriving, I discovered that most of the toys needed for the nephews had disappeared, and were not in the bag.
It being Christmas, I fought my way back, as I had procrastinated and time was of the essence. Another line, an explanation, then a gesture for me to go find my items... AGAIN!
This did not increase my love of the store.
Tonight I went back. My nephew would be happiest with a gift card, my sister says.
I tried to combine my shopping by looking at some other items on the list. Passing by the books, I saw the latest Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, and John Grisham novels. Avoiding the grocery store and heading back to the electronic department to look at TV's (who knew that Polaroid made TV's?) I did notice some things for pets. I found bowls for the cats. Then when I paid at the register I noticed sadly on the receipt, that they weren't clearly marked for prices, and I paid more for them.
While I attempt to convince myself that WalMart isn't so bad, even the woman at the cash register didn't smile as she was checking me out.