Wednesday, December 29, 2004

What an interesting night. I never know how it will be when I see M. I always get the same rush that I always have, a smile to match, snd delight.
Odd how my Ipod matched my mood, as I went to dinner to meet up with the entire crowd that congregates to see M. It seemed to only shuffle to the songs that I had been listening to around the time that I had met him.
He reminded me of why I delight in him so. Ever attentive and talkative... showering the entire table with his attention. And alternately, checking out every female in a 20 foot radius. (Thus reminding you, no, not just you... EVERYONE!)
Very few men could pull off what he does the way that he does it.
The women, the affairs, his lifestyle.
Perhaps after his last bicycle accident where he almost lost limbs, movement, he decided to live it like every day could be his last, and certainly enjoys everything as much as he can.
Ah, just thinking about him puts a smile on my face.

Monday, December 27, 2004

It's been a hell of a month here at Stimulation... just as I approached floating velocity, the point of suspension in an extremely good, forward moving place, I literally crashed. School was almost over, I met someone new that I liked, and a great vacation was about to begin.
But then I totalled my car and broke my hand. Thankfully, no other injury occurred. If I ask my passenger of Propeller Skies fame one more time if he is going to be alright... and he tells me one more time that his leg just fell off...
Anyway, I know that I don't write that much, but I sm typing at the moment with one hand and a finger... literally...
I am out of my stress coma and starting to actually enjoy winter vacation from school... of course it begins again very soon.