Friday, July 27, 2007

Take a hint

No, I will not go away with you for a weekend after we have had one date.
No, I do not think that it was necessary for you to buy me a birthday present after one date.
And when you call me at 6 AM on a Sunday morning and I say, "We are NOT on the same page, DO NOT EVER CALL ME AGAIN, " it really means do not call me, EVER AGAIN.
I am not going to pick up if you do.


Computers are extremely frustrating, even when you know what you are doing. Not everything works the same, even on similar platforms. (Especially Windows!)
I have been going through "growing pains" where nothing has been going correctly on installations lately.
Drivers won't install, internet access goes away, you name it, it happens.
And it has been happening on Friday, of all days. Perhaps I should start taking Fridays off!?!

Taking things personally

You don't buy me a birthday card or show up on my birthday just to say hello, I will take it personally. You don't show up at a show I asked you to go to because it suddenly doesn't fit into your schedule, I will take it personally. You suddenly forget that we are alternating to buy a shared coffee "supply" at the office, I will take it personally. I drive while you fly somewhere in the passenger seat and barely acknowledge that I am there other than your "driver", I did take it personally.
It's not nice, no matter that you act as if you never remembered, noticed, or cared.
In fact, that makes it worse.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Scares me

Admittedly, I am not the sveltest person on the planet, but I saw a girl running tonight on Peachtree that could have easily had 20 extra pounds on her frame. Her bones were jutting out everywhere, knee, elbow, shoulder. Even from a distance I could see them, and it was almost nightfall. I wonder how much like bones they look like in daylight?

We are a nation prone to self loathing.
Feel fat? Join a gym. Or better yet, don't eat. Drink coffee, but with no cream because it may have too many calories. Lettuce, iceberg lettuce is perfect. By the time that you eat it, your calories are negative. Don't like your breasts? Augment them. Spots on your face? We have creams, face peals. Don't have time to diet? Get your stomach stapled. Need to feel young again? Buy a sports car, dye your hair. Need a drink? Go to the bar or grocery store. Need a pick me up? Instead of coffee, or latte, find someone with some cocaine or meth. Feel bad about what you just drank or ate or did? Go to the gym. Punish yourself.

We do all of these things so that we can look into the mirror and rationalize that because we are thin, with white teeth, clear skin, dress in this label, wear the right makeup, carry the right purse, have the right haircut, car, home, that we are worthy. Worthy of what?
Do we know what we want or have we just been seduced by sexy advertising?

And now... to top it off, it's been shown that people that are overweight also have overweight friends. (Like it's some sort of contagion.) Does that mean that we should all dump our overweight friends for newer sleeker models? (And unfortunately, if your friends lose weight... aparently that is not contagious.)

Does money buy happiness? If you are thin will you be happy? If your teeth are the perfect shade of white, is it nirvana? What if you dress like a model? Or have tits the size of dolly? What about a schlong as long as a porn stars?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Too much, too quickly

4 phone calls in a day with no message is excessive after a first date.
2 phone calls in a day to let someone know that you have only been on one date with that you are thinking of them is excessive.
Texting someone back, "What time?" after they have texted you, "Noticed your calls, not feeling well, will call you later" is EXTREMELY EXCESSIVE.
Do not be surprised when this person does not call back and does not want to see you again.