Thursday, December 27, 2007


That is done for you folks up north. I am finished. A card carrying degree holder you may say. Don't ask me why I always take the hardest path possible, I will figure it out eventually I hope. I did it, I finished my undergrad in Psychology in a little over 3 years, going some part, some full time, while of course working full time.
I finished my thesis. After all of the pain, the uncertainty, I actually got an A. Talk about being way off the mark in your performance analysis.
Can you say "Magna cum laude".
I know you can!


Actually catching up on life here in the ATL... Graduation, then Christmas came like a bobsled team on a luge. Little breathing room here in between Christmas and New Years Eve... the holiday to end all holidays (sarcasm!?).
Reading the New York Times book section to see what I have been missing out on, I catch an add for photos of Natalie Portman in the NY magazine. The tag line is "Natalie Portman, smart, beautiful, REAL. Natalie Portman rewrites the rules for Hollywood." I was really excited... this means to me, a natural side of an actress. Instead... we get glammed up, sureal photos of Natalie in designer dresses that you do not even get a sense of really... but judge for yourself...