Thursday, April 17, 2008

Long Live the King

It is with sadness that I report that Sean Costello is dead. He was found in a hotel room dead late Tuesday night. The best report of everything is found at:
I know that friends think that I was obsessive about this young man and his talent. In fact, some of my friends thought that he was trite. However, he brought much joy every time that I saw him play and generally folks that I brought to his performance had not much to complain of!
He was just shy of his 29 birthday. What a sad day for blues it is that he is gone.
Hopefully he will Rest In Peace as it appears that he did not in life.
(Not to be presumptuous on his cause of death... but not the "best" hotel to be caught dead in.)

Monday, April 14, 2008


The act of forgiveness is supposed to help us get over divorce, bad breakups, and numerous other transgressions done to us by others.
Curiously, this one simple act is the way to catapult us to getting to the next stage of our lives.
Simple, huh?
Not really.
Forgiving someone is easy, meaning it is another.
For women, this simple act of contrition can be heartfelt one day and not the next. (It really depends on the day of the month.)

I forgive you for breaking my heart and telling me that you do not love me.
Thank you for repeating it back to me when I asked you to.
I had very happy moments with you, and enjoyed our intimacy (and not just the naked kind!). It's hard to not have you in my life any more (especially when I know that you are nearby).

I find that I forgive you, but I cannot always forget you. (Especially when friends speak of you nonchalantly.)

My response to my self is simple: You do not love me, relationships take two people, and even I am not that good to pull that off.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

At the end of the week

I am still not enough in a hurry to get creamed by a Marta bus.

Getting wet doesn't bother me, it is just too dangerous to run in flip flops while it is raining.

Sleeping in when the weather is overcast and wet is a small, wonderful pleasure.

Having a good workout is a good end to the week.


Backing your muscle car into TWO spaces.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


You never realize how many things that you have accumulated until you move.
And, how much of it do you really need?
I purged before I moved.
I am purging after I moved.
I have quite a collection of stuff.
Remember the comedian XXXXX and his discussion of "stuff".
And how you just keep buying bigger and bigger houses to store all of it?
Now I get it.
I am hoping to have less "stuff" and less to keep track of, to move next time.
I had the pep talk from my friend last night about the "pack rat" scale. Judging from what I had moved to my new apartment, I am still a 7. (And I thought that I had gone to a 5! Silly me!)
But, I am "healed". I now have about 5 boxes to donate, and growing.

Cable guy

Waiting for the cable guy today, that was supposed to be here yesterday.
Then first thing this am ~ 10:15AM he claimed. Then he called at 11AM saying that he was "hung" up and was on his way. It is now 11:55AM.