Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Queen of the Wireless...

So, now after a few minor mishaps with the uber new PC that I have gotten from work... I have mastered the wireless aspect. I admit, I know how to do things on a computer... but how can you master EVERYTHING until you need to do it?
So with MAC, yes Apple, yes MacIntosh... it's really not difficult. Believe it or not but the defaults on the Apple really work. What I mean specifically is that when you get help in the "help" section of your OS... it really works on a MAC.
I didn't realize this until someone showed me that you need to use a DIFFERENT application than what the OS gives you in PC... because what's supplied with Windows does not work!
Ok... I will rant more later. Promise. Swear.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Taking a bite of the Big Apple, well, in Long Island anyway...

Travel today to NYC and then a harrowing car ride out to Long Island. I know at least one of my readers would like to be here, the Islanders home is literally across the parking lot.
Travel is fun, especially when there is rain to delay you.
And, particularly fun when there is no lot that has parking left.
My traveling companion figures that it was a mass exodus for Mother's Day. He claims that Mother's Day is like Christmas, and father's day is like... well, I can't repeat it. He's a father, so I suppose that he would know. I find that odd though, that it would be like a national holiday.
Best line of the day after observing young female traveler (obviously of college age), who was wearing her sweat pants a little low on the back side, and some of my fellow travelers eyes widened in dismay. I leaned over to one of the women and said, "it's like limbo!" To which she gave me a puzzled look. I said, "You know, how low can you go?" Probably patting myself on the back a little, but the woman got a good chuckle out of it.
So far I have been in the hotel for just a few hours and from what I can tell, everyone is as fried as I am. It's amazing how busy we all stay.
I'm liking the new laptop from work... nice screen, keyboard, etc.
Maybe I can like PC's after all?
Well... maybe?
Stay tuned for more harrowing adventures of Long Island!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Pix of Georgia Aquarium!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Old Blackwater, keep on rolling, Mississippi moon won't you keep on shining on me?

I love how a song can trigger a memory, any! It may be a moment, that is very specific and when you hear that song it makes you think of something someone said, a kiss, an emotion.
Ah! And it happened to me tonight. I was driving home and as my usual A.D.D. self, I was flicking through the radio stations at light speed. Suddenly there it was! A song that in the past, if I recognized it quickly enough I would quickly change that dial. But tonight, the bad part of the memory was gone, and I sang it through to the end. (Well only the part the I knew... which was the chorus of course!)
It was of course a boy, one of the few that made me completely irrational, and turned me into a two year old in a split second in an argument. "No, I didn't!" "Yes, you did!" "NO I DID NOT!" "YES, YOU DID!" Need I say more?
It was short, tumultuous, and yes, he sang karaoke! He even had back up and the crowd cheering him on. Ah, the good memories.

Schools Out! Schools Out!

Well almost, just one more evening of test taking and it's over for argh! THIS SEMESTER!

You Gotta Love Freedom of Speech!

Watch Stephen Colbert blast the president in true roast style at the press dinner from this last weekend...