Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ikea, YOU do the work, that's why it's cheap!

I visited my favorite cheap store today, yes, Ikea. I love going simply to buy sheets, guilt free, as they are sooooo cheap.
Tonight I went and got a new shower curtain, yes, a truly exciting item.
And I only managed to buy one item not "on the list".
A $7 wok.
Yeah, $7.
I was reminded at the checkout why the wok was $7, as I had to check myself out, and charge myself .05 for each bag that I used.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cheating on Motorola

So, I had more troubles with my phone. Instead of rolling over and having them "flash" the software, I went straight to the manager of the store... well, after a 20-30 minute wait anyway. After telling him my exhausting story, he said, "Well I hear that you are frustrated."
He offered me a different phone, an LG. It's not an exciting looking phone, like a RAZR, KRAZR, Blackberry, Crackberry... but it looked very functional.
Of course, I made him tell me why it was a better phone than the one that I had.
I was very difficult to convince. (Not really!)
After roughly an hour and a bit, I was off with my new LG, leaving my Motorola in the dust.
I was assured by Mr. Manager, that he, "was confident that I would have a positive experience with it." I took this to mean, that Motorola that you bought is a piece, and I can give you a functional piece of machinery to carry you through to the end of your contract.
Time will tell...
As long as I don't have to spend every Sunday in the Verizon store, I know that I will be a happy camper.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Starbucks and the almighty dollar

Starbucks would probably be perfect if they served anything alcoholic (wine or beer), to bring you down from the caffeinne buzz... and did not charge for the internet.
I do know a wonderful Atlanta creation called "Octane", and it's perfect for just this reason!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

verizon un-customer service

After having problems with my phone (after paying for a replacement this time!), I have been back for "flashes" to the software twice. I also have had two separate phone calls to customer service to troubleshoot this same problem.
Sadly, I am stuck in a contract with them until November!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Apple "Photo Booth"

I have an apple laptop that I use through work. I recently took it to Ohio with me to visit relatives.
Little did I know, that my nephews would have a blast with the "Photo Booth" application. And little did I know how many pix that they took until just now.
I want to show you some of the images that they left behind!

Atlanta traffic transgressions

When I decided to skip out of school today, so as to not be sitting in a room with no windows, on the seventh floor of an unnamed school building, the last thing that I expected to do was to sit in traffic.
I decided that my throat was scratchy, perhaps I was coming down with something fatal, or minimally, uncomfortable, so I left.
I drove through downtown Atlanta, which is perilous itself, as drivers will randomly turn with no signal, or dive into your lane unannounced, and of course the pedestrians that taunt the drivers block after block. I assumed that I was homefree on the highway.
Of course, you know that it did not happen this way. I had decided to go to Buford Highway, famous for it's oriental restaurants, to get pho. I decided a dose of oriental "chicken noodle soup" would be just the thing to make me feel better. (and if not... the coffee would certainly make me wake up!) However, I went up 85 north to get there.
It took less than two miles when I noticed up ahead that not only was 85 south closed, but so was the left side of 85 north. Getting closer, I noticed a truck that had apparently landed on another truck on 85 north. Drivers no where in sight, and may not have been present... I think that the trucks came from the other side of the road... from a truck towing cars (which is why 85 south apparently was closed).
I did finally have lunch, it just took an extra 20 minutes to get there, and of course, about 30 minutes to get back on Buford Highway.
*Happily, lunch and coffee did not disappoint. However, the second cup of coffee probably did not help for positive, patient attitude in traffic.