Wednesday, September 22, 2004

It occurs to me after viewing my site that I haven't posted in quite a bit...
The good news of course... my car wasn't crushed in the aftermath of hurricanes...
I managed to make it to my psych test, even though half of the class didn't... but I get an extra 5 points for actually BEING THERE... even if they got an extra week to study for the test!
I got an IPOD...
Life with your own soundtrack is awesome, and somehow, my computer seems to be the first place that I visit when I get home to search for even more music...
At the moment, the Garden State soundtrack is definitely my fave, with Frou Frou and the Simon and Garfunkel song, "The only living boy in New York..."
I've had a great couple of weeks... with school, and work followed by fun, at a recent trade show.
If only I could embark about the show. The show itself sucked, of course... but after, after was more enjoyable...
I escaped some people and got to enjoy old friends and find a few new ones of course.
These people like to have fun, it was great to watch.
Oddly... there are individuals that think that they have something on me... however, the stakes are much higher on what I have on them...
But, as they say... "what happens at the show, stays at the show...."
Just had a night at Joe's that ended up playing Truth or Dare with three people and a knife.
You know those desserts that they display? They actually try to serve them... long story for later!
Should go read a few licks out of this psych book and actually catch up from the weekend of not being able to crack a book at all...
Hopefully, more soon!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

It appears that we are all amorous this week... well with Big J admitting his dream and all right here on the big ole internet!
So was I as I drove off to work this am, unknowingly so though. The minute that I saw this, er, gentleman walk across the street my heart rate went up just a notch or three and I was soon drowning in licentious thought.
Was it his shoulders? The profile of his face underneath the dark hair? Or ... "the swagger".
When I see a man WALK that way, and no, I cannot begin to describe it, well maybe in a moment I will try... BUT! When I see a man walk that way, it just arouses me. It is purposeful, but wandering... Perhaps the secret is in the step, a sort of rounded gait... hmmmmm I wonder if I am describing it correctly now...
The first thing that springs to mind is a big, fat, black, old mustang muscle car. The kind of car with a loud, growly engine, bad gas mileage and unpredictable in the reliability department. You WANT to own it, you just don't know if you can handle the upkeep of it... The heavy gas bill, maintenance bill, not to mention the time that it would take washing, waxing, armor-alling, waxing... need I say more?
You really want to feel the power of the engine just beneath you, just somewhere outside you where you can control it, if only it will respond.
I suppose that explains my problem with men in a nutshell!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

So, after a stressful week... this weekend was FABULOUS!
I had guests for dinner Friday night, which I spent shopping for on my Friday off.
It's always so anticlimatic after the dinner is done, your guests are full and sated, and then they leave! The evening never seems to last long enough for all of the careful preparation that you have performed... the dishes that you pick, the ingredients that you purchase, the preparation... the feast... then bye!
Part of me has to be an Italian/Jewish mother, screaming mange! eat! surely you want more, because there is more to be had!
People must think that I want them to be fat...
However, I have always been a sucker for a good meal, with good wine, and great conversation. The longer, the better... 2-3 hours is just getting started right? (well, maybe NOT in a restaurant...)
(and now that you know the way to my heart... good food, full belly, and TALK to me baby, just TALK to me! ((well, with me rather, than AT me...)))
Well, it just gets better... because the next day, my friend K had invited me to spend the holiday weekend on her new cabin cruiser!
It was sweet, all day at the lake under a blue sky... followed by camping in style on the water. (complete with tv/dvd player combination, stove, wine! and entertainment "around the campfire" (I mean DVD player.))
I got tan, I got to lounge, swim, float, read, drink beer, and stare into the sun reflecting off the waves on the lake. It almost makes me space out just writing about it, and remembering it in my minds eye. I LOVE WATER!
We even performed a "boat rescue", for friends stranded on a sail boat that got batted onto an island. Definitely, the tensest part of the weekend... quickly followed by an emergency cigarette and beer!
Tuesday am, I spent watching the news waiting for news that the hurricane aftermath had affected, egads! our work schedule... I prayed for a miracle as any child, I mean person would do. (I managed to convince myself to get into the shower about 35 mins before I had to be at work!)
Back to the grind, back to the grind....
I love my job, I love my job, I love my job....

Thursday, September 02, 2004

And it continues...
I have another Grandmother, my mother's mother, who has been in rehabilitation for fracturing her pelvic bone in several spots. Yesterday, I found out from my mother, that she isn't going to get to live on her own anymore.
This Grandmother, who will be 94 in November, is the one who swore she would dance again, just a year ago after fracturing her femur for a second time. And she did, but now...
I know that she realizes that she can't take care of herself, yet she has been doing it for so long that it seems unnatural for her to actually state, or accept the fact.
We are definitely all getting older, I just wish it slowed down for both of my grandmothers so that I knew that they would be around a lot longer!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I do live downtown and all, so I suppose that I should not have been surprised to have not been jarred awake by the alarm clock... but instead by helicopters!
When I got out of bed, I immediately went to the window and was not entirely surprised to see not one, but two helicopters hovering over my apartment's parking lot, directly out my window.
Lest I get involved in some police chase or shooting, I immediately turned the TV on. Nothing but the Republican convention... disapointed, I wandered back over to the window to see if the hovering devils had moved... but they had not.
5 minutes go by before a live shot of the downtown connector pops on to show the end of a multi-car wreck that had just occurred and was jamming up the highway...
Darn! I woke up for that???