Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We hate to interrupt this broadcast

Especially to sound like our neighbor over at Propeller Skies...
However, I have something to say!
I went to Atlantic Station, the new, I can walk and shop, as long as I can afford an apartment sized space that cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000. (Which, in case you haven't noticed readers... I cannot.)
I went there after work this evening, just to do some light shopping.
However, the police, had the main road to the parking deck blocked.
Millions, Billions of dollars were spent in the development of this establishment, however, out of 3 different entrances, the main entrance was completely blocked. (which of course, I went to the main entrance... it being closer to my destination.)
All this to pay for your parking should you exceed your two hour limit (unless you go to the movies!)
And, unfortunately, Dillards... the same establishment that wants you to shop and will follow you around for an hour to make sure that you get the perfect shoes, jewelry, and shoes for an outfit... is of course, inappropriately UNHELPFUL at letting you return it.
All in all...
I got what I wanted, but in less time than I anticipated.
*Unlike our friends at Propeller Skies, we will post the explanation for said blockage... someone had robbed a jewelry store across the street from the department store. Hopefully more time will go to the investigation for the poor woman that got murdered while she was simply trying to ride her bike on the Silver Comet trail, than for jewelry... which is a buyer's market.

In other news

Apparently, it is not just for pets anymore!
"Intermittent reinforcement can be used once your pet has reliably learned the behavior. At first, you may reward him with the treat three times out of four, then about half the time, then about a third of the time and so forth, until you're only rewarding him occasionally with the treat. Continue to praise him every time, although once he's learned the behavior, the praise can be less effusive - a quiet, but positive, "Good boy." Use a variable schedule of reinforcement, so he doesn't catch on that he only has to respond every other time. Your pet will learn that if he keeps responding, eventually he'll get what he wants. If you have a dog who barks until you reward him by paying attention to him, you've seen the power of intermittent reinforcement."
Now I am told that some men use this in their relationships as well!
Instead of having to be consistently nice, they only have to be nice 3 times out of 4, then half the time, then a third of the time and so on. Eventually, very rarely is niceness required in your newly trained woman.


Someone actually suggested to me that a woman could be cherished in the year 2006.

cherish- To treat with affection and tenderness; hold dear.

Am I just too cynical?

Thursday, July 06, 2006


So, is it just me, or does every woman feel at least once a month that everything is monumental? I am talking about every decision, every moment of every day for about 5 days straight? And just before, do you feel like you have to make huge changes? Like move? Get a new job? A new man? A new hair cut? and color?
Wanna yell at the world for being unfair? Yell at yourself for every little stupid error that you have ever made in your life? (down to that boy you kissed in kindergarten...) And then of course sit in front of the freezer and finish off that pint of Ben and Jerry's?
My advise is to drink heavily until all of these urges subside.
And whatever you do, duck tape your mouth shut and give your cell phone to someone responsible.

Kicking my ass!

School, of course, and taking only one course, but it is kicking my ass as I try to maintain (or should I say, REGAIN) my social life for at least the summer. However, it is of course notorious that if one area of your life frees up, others plummet.
For instance, I have no idea how I usually juggle a four class load and work a 40 hr a week job, and get my laundry done. And, allow me to brag for but a moment, but I also am able to clean my bathroom. (Which is more than I can say for fellow neighbors, who only work 40 hrs a week, ahem.)
The floor of my house looks like the cats are trying to replicate via hair, for the floor is full of fur. I can't seem to keep my checkbook full of checks so that when on the rare occassion I must write a check...alas there are none! (Not that the check book has any money in it anyway, but you know... every so often those $2 checks do clear!) I even left my house yesterday and left my cell phone next to my bed. Hmmmmm.
Maybe I should take some gingko biloba? Isn't that supposed to help you with your memory?