Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Irritating people at the lunch table...

So today, I went to Publix for lunch. They have good lunches, and considering the traffic that I would have to face driving down Cheshire Bridge Rd... due to "utility construction", it seemed a far better choice.
An fellow employee's husband took it upon himself to wax philosophic about the female race while I was at lunch. It didn't take me long to get offended by his comments. He would look at me specifically and say, "You, insert offending comment here, do this" or "you do that". After a few comments I got offended, after which he backpedaled and said, "Oh, no, I am not talking about YOU, I am talking about ALL women." After which when I attempted to explain that by using the term "you" generally doesn't mean "all women", it generally means the person that you are saying you to. (Little grammar lesson, which didn't really sink in.)
Next I was accused of talking in circles (well aren't you doing the same thing? I asked, no response as he dove into the next topic.)
It was exhausting, and another female employee took over as I attempted to bury my head into a magazine. She had more energy for his unfocused conversations.
His wife came over and defended him later, saying it was an odd conversation topic, but one he was fond of- and she often found him to be correct on many of his views.