Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No more rain and cold on Mondays or Wednesdays!

This is my new mandate, I am currently in negotiation with the weather to make this event no longer occur on Monday or Wednesday evenings specifically. I believe that the populace overall will enjoy it, and I will no longer wake up on Tuesdays or Thursdays with a cold because the temperature suddenly dropped 20 degrees and it began to rain profusely!

Wrap it up for chrisakes!

So apparently there is a case in Georgia where the man is fighting not to pay child support. His argument, while they were involved, he explicitly told the woman that he was having sex with that he did not want to have kids. Apparently she was on birth control, him nothing. When she got pregnant and decided to have the child, his name is on the birth certificate, making him responsible for child support. He's taking it to court.
I had an interesting short debate with a male student in my class, because basically I said, he should have wrapped it up! (you know, taken some of the responsibility along with the enjoyment!) And the male student spewed that even had she been on birth control and the guy had wrapped it up, that somehow left 4 times in one thousand that pregnancy could still occur. I simply shook my head and wondered off. He really put some thought into that didn't he? My point is, accept responsibility, don't force it on someone else. He was, after all, having sex was he not? That is the primary function for it, in spite of the fact that many people also DO NOT WANT TO GET PREGNANT! How about him getting himself snipped in order to make sure that it doesn't happen. After all that surgery is reversible!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Dating still...

I think in my last post I mentioned "Mr. Allergic" to you. He is the gentleman that asked me not to wear any perfume or as he put it "purfume" on our date, as he was not only allergic to many foods but also perfumes as well. We actually had great conversation, even at the Cheesecake Factory! However, I had to call an end to it all just recently...
You see we had discussed the "Georgia Aquarium" which is Atlanta's hottest new attraction (beyond the string of recently opened tapas restuarants), and the fact that we both haven't gone. He was genious, he suggested we go the next weekend, I agreed. He then proceeded to tell me what time he would like to go and for me to get the tickets.
I get that at some point the man doesn't have to pick up ALL the expenses, but give me a break, for our second date? Needless to say, he got his walking papers, and yes I did tell him why.