Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Being sick sucks!
On any given day, I have a zillion things to do and sleeping most of the day doesn't let you get any of them done! (And obviously, instead of doing them I want to blog about the fact that I am not getting anything done...)
I wish my cats could run errands such as driving down to Buford Hwy and picking up some Pho, which is my favorite remedy for sinus issues like I am having now. No, instead they are outside laying in the sun on the porch and waiting for their lunch to be served.
It would also have been nice if they had gone to the drugstore early this am to get some decongestants and the like to get rid of this nasty stuff I have settling somewhere in my head and chest. After all I do for them!
About once a year my sister calls me and we compare lives... she's jealous of my freedoms (no husband, children, etc) and I am jealous of her very loving husband and children. This is one of those moments I would think that having a significant would be nice. I would think if I did that he would at least bring me some pho and tylenol for this incredible headache that I have, and perhaps a phone call in the middle of the day to make sure that I woke up at some point in between naps.
Perhaps my cat standing over my head in an attempt to make sure that I realize that it is indeed feeding time is the same type of thing.
I can't believe that calling in sick to work, leaving a message with THE OWNER of the business, and it doesn't get to the manager of the store.
And this isn't the first time. Once, I left a message for the receptionist when I was ill and it didn't go anywhere as she doesn't know how to get into her voice mail... well she does NOW.
Well, obviously, I'm sick, I left yesterday because of it... but come on!
When I called back in to let the manager know, he said that the most sure fire way is to leave a message on his voice mail. But what about if he is sick?
So, next time, I will call the manager, the owner, and then the floor manager, if he's not away.
I think then there will be enough people in the know to pass around the message.
Maybe I should include a fellow associate in for good measure.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mini break!
I am giddy with the thought that I get to go visit family this weekend in Florida. No, unfortunately not BEACHY Florida, just sort of central Florida... but it beats the funky freak weather we've been having in Atlanta for the past week... do you hear me?
And, I don't have to work for four whole days in a row!
skeee bop!
Perhaps after my brain has permanently melted, I will have more to pontificate on in this public forum.
It COULD happen,

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Of course, school has been keeping me very busy!
And... my mother came on an overextended visit which prohibited posting.
But, I must vent.
My online government class is the fanny-patters republican association. Not that I disagree with EVERYTHING that the current administration does, oh no, not at all. But to hear their constant, "Don't mess with Texas!" comments in response to if one president is sufficient for office (which is just a discussion topic people...) And their constant replies to each other's comments "I completely agree with you!" "Very true!""Great assessment, I spoke of the same topic." Is REALLY GETTING HYSTERICAL... and well, extremely dull.
I seem to be the only nitpicker in the crowd.
Unfortunately, it's not livening them up... YET!