Monday, October 02, 2006

Unexpected random acts of kindness!

I was driving home through midtown Atlanta last night. As I drove down Piedmont, an unexpected taxi (VAN taxi!) did not slow down at his stop sign on 13th street and it seemed obvious that he was coming into my lane. I am not by nature a horn-blower, but have learned certain skills from our friend over at Propeller Skies. Subsequently, I blew my horn rapidly, quickly, and several times. The van stopped, I continued, no harm no foul! etc etc etc
However, the taxi driver stopped next to me at the next light and asked me to roll down my window. I rolled my window down, (seeing no obvious signs of a gun), and he apologized.
People can still surprise you, can't they?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Insanity: doing something over and over again and expecting different results!

How come when things are over, all you can remember is the good things?
Is that why we return to old lovers? stay in jobs that we complain about? re-live the glory days of our high school years?
In thinking of a former relationship, and wondering how he is doing, why am I not able to think of the end? It was final, infinitely final. What he said to me would not encourage/entice any "ex" to ever call him again. He made that very simple. So, why do I still miss him?
It has been easy not to call. I remember the words, I replay them in my head. Generally this is enough to discourage me even before I go to the phone. However, I made it to looking up his phone number the other day.
Oddly, what stopped me then was I realized that I still had no real reason to call.
And he hasn't.
So, that is the answer.

Hoping for a Hollywood ending...

Which I know undoubtedly will not come. Lately it seems like anything that can go wrong will...
And secretly wishing the impossible would happen suddenly does not seem so farfetched.