Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas sucks this year!

I work in a retail environment.
Christmastime can be rough, but oddly, it is wonderful to see the holiday spirit growing in people.
Even the most cynical look can sometimes relax into a wonderful smile of excitement.
Not this year.
Price tags are checked as every cent is counted. Very few people feel the need to be "complete" in their package to a loved one. And they aren't happy about it either!
The need for advice is great, the hesitation to buy more prevalent than ever.
The same friends for me won't be around in the same capacity and for some not around at all.
No gifts are in this year, except for a few.
Well, maybe the cats will cough up a few furballs for me!


Anonymous Smoove D said...

If you're really nice, they might even barf for you!

I agree, Christmas is a drag this year. Except for the bankers, who all got fat bonuses after the taxpayers bailed them out.

4:33 PM  

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