Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What I love most about going back to school is that we are forced to do things that we normally wouldn't sit around and simply DECIDE to do on our own.
For instance, I had to write a BLUES song! With lines that RHYME! I love the blues, but strangely found no inspiration from them.
Our teacher urged us to "dig deep" into our pain for inspiration.
So??? should I write about the obvious??? The last asshole I dated???
(Relationships are such great fodder for art, aren't they? I think that the topic is an entire blog itself...)
Or the pitiful election? (Are Americans THAT DUMB?)
Or perhaps my cat, stressing me out, and getting some sort of funky bladder infection?
Going through the list... actually writing sample songs, of course I came up with the best from the relatioship!!! And yes, the "A" line, rhymes with the "B" line!