Monday, January 22, 2007

A pack of crazed Shih Tzu's?

I did not believe the headline myself...
see for yourself!

College and bureaucracy

I found myself with plenty of spare time today when a two hour lab was 1/2 hour long. I decided to put this time to good use, and get some "paperwork" done!
First, I needed to apply, and of course PAY for graduation. (Which is amazing in itself... shouldn't this be part of my tuition?)
I went to the "One Stop Shop", which by it's very name, would imply that I could do this here. However, I was informed that they could not.
While at this same location, I also asked if I could put money on my "Panther card", to which I also received a negative.
I am still not sure what they CAN do at the "One Stop Shop".
After this, I stopped by Auxiliary services to get money on my "Panther card", and stopped next door to pay for more parking. (Yes, my tuition pays a $25 fee for semester for the privilege of getting a discount at any lot around campus... which still has to be paid for each and every time that you park!)
Then... I had to wait an hour for the cashiers office to open so that I could pay them for graduation. Unfortunately, they were unable to tell me how many tickets that I would get for family! (Do you see a pattern here?)
Next, I had to find the Honors office to apply. I had the opportunity to see Smoove's favorite location of the GSU campus, sorority offices. Oddly, on the other side were rooms that I can only classify as Frat hang out rooms. I swear someone was watching porn! (Or at least the moaning sounded like it!)
After the walk through that hallway I did finally find the Honors office. Surprisingly, I have to interview for it. (Not terribly worried, every interview I have had to date at GSU has been approximately five minutes of this is how to register, these are the signatures that you have to collect etc...)
Ah! Wonder what else I can get into, after all, it's still only 11:30AM!

Monday, January 15, 2007

While in Buckhead

I spotted an older woman, say fifty-something, with black leather pants and a ying/yang symboled belt... go momma go!
Also spied a poor pup stuffed in a too small over the shoulder bag, momma says, "He just loves going out with me, rather than being at home!"

The dame looks for a new companion

"Notes on a scandal" definitely recommended! Judi looks for a new "friendship" with Ms. Blanchett, and a scandal definitely ensues!
Kudos to my fellow movie-goer with a stomach of steel--the favored snack is popcorn with jalepeno peppers on the side, a spot of Hi-C Cherry drink to wash it all down. (and perhaps a touch of chocolate for dessert!)