Thursday, December 28, 2006

Where service sucks, and the worst restaurant ever

I am in Bluffton, SC, which is right outside the more popular spot of Hilton Head. I think that my dad brought me here when I was young, to frolic the beach and ride rides. I am here now for a customer.
After my day, a cold threatening my hearing, breathing and thinking capability, I attempted to look on the internet for a good restaurant.
After checking out a slew of reviews, I jump in the rental and head towards Hilton Head to see how far I can get before I feel, well, worse than I was when I left.
I get to destination A, a restaurant that claimed wonderful views and great fare. I did see water, and sail boats. Unfortunately, the restaurant was the size of my hotel room, above a marina, filled with people twice my age. I left.
The next choice, as it was 500 yards down the main road, was the Crazy Crab. This was recommended to me twice, by two different people that were not even together. (I think that the owner must give some sort of referral fee!)
I like crab legs, therefore they were eaten. However, they were overcooked. As was the lobster hunk, shrimp, potato, and half ear of corn that I received. They tasted as though they had been in a pot of water for the better half of the day, as if the chef were trying to return them to their original life. The hushpuppies were overdone.
The wait staff, non-existent for the first half of my meal. I do not recommend the Crazy Crab in Hilton Head.
To save this entire experience, I did attempt to go to another restuarant for dessert, hopefully something edible. Two of the wait staff walked directly past me, not acknowledging my presence. After waiting at the bar for 5 mins to get a take out order from the bartended who walked away from the bar when I entered... I went to Kroger. After picking up a bar of chocolate, the first line that I went to, I was told that they could not help me, as TWO cashiers were waiting for someone to return to the line. Next I went to the self help line. When my money would not feed, I attempted to use my ATM card... which made the machine say "wait for cashier". When none appeared, I again pulled out money and tried that again. That finally worked... and I was able to finally eat my Hersheys chocolate!
(*the things that women do for chocolate!)

Hurry up and wait

If flying is so much faster, why all the lines in the airport?


High heeled black boots with a velour black workout outfit?
What say you?

All the worrying for naught

Unfortunately my father WAS RIGHT, he said that 90% of the things that we worry about never happen...
And they don't!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Driving 40 miles to save $10 bucks...

Is it really that worth it? Isn't your time worth $10 bucks?
I mean REALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Karma for Smartass

I love being behind the counter sometimes because occasionally, you meet some really cool peeople, and then sometimes you don't.
A man came in today and was looking at some camera equipment.
While he was talking with me, the following transpired on his cell phone.
Ring, answer, pause, No, you need to dial 770, not 404. Click.
Ring, answer, "Thanks for calling AMC at Stonecrest" (from the customer in front of me)
Pause. "No, that's sold out." Pause. "No, that is also sold out." Pause "No, that is sold out all week, especially if you keep calling my number, DIAL 7-7-0!" Click.
Ring. Customer disconnects phone.
Wow! Oddly, while he talked to them his voice raised constantly. While he spoke with me, it was the same even tone.... he was trying to get me to match a price on a camera with another companies... who did not have it in stock.... although neither did we!

Don't want to be the yenta

If a friend likes another friend through a middle friend, should the middle friend get involved?
I chose not to this time. I am sure that the one friend may be upset... but I don't think that I should get involved.
What are the thoughts of the internet universe?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Loud's have moved out!

My neighbors have moved! I affectionately call them the Loud's because when they walk from the parking lot to their apartment, you can hear their conversation (in Indian).
I tried to say some parting words to the husband that fell on an awkward silence from him. (Fortunately, I was walking...)
I will miss the delicious smells that came from their apartment every Sunday!:)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bad dreams

Last night I dreamt that I was going to rob a bank with a group of people. I knew that it was something that I did not want to do, plus I was supposed to carry a very large gun... with the intent of killing or stopping whatever got in the way.
In the crazy way that dreams go, aliens attacked, and the bank robbery was well, put on hold.

The end of the nightmare!

Car buying over, I held my breath and signed the papers for a new civic lx coupe! With manual transmission... It's a blast to drive! Plus great gas mileage. I never thought that I would get to the point in my life that a civic would be exciting!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Buying a car sux!

The great white whale is gone, long live Moby Dick.
However, there are benefits to having a car... even the whale.
Buying a car is hell... a battlefield filled with mines, everyone trying to get as much money as possible... and pay as little as possible.
Buy used, people whisper in my ear...
You'll save so much money...
However, what about the fact that it has so many miles already on it... wasn't that what happened with the last one?
I fixed it ad infinitum.
What's a girl to do?

Cat in my final!

So while I took my drugs and behavior final today, I heard the tinkling of a bell. It was like someone had brought their cat in to help them out... perhaps the bell had meanings... 1 tinkle for "A", 2 for "B" and so on!???
Maybe I should have listened harder!