Saturday, May 14, 2005

Presley lives!

Is it just me, or does Priscilla Presley seem really old and washed out? I happened to be watching ET (no, really, I was just flipping channels of course!), and she was on it. Apparently now she has written "Elvis, by the Presleys"
In need of money for that ridiculous dye job that you now have?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Drunk game!

See how long you can keep this man up!
The record is apparently 82 meters, but after a few tries, you'll agree that this individual has LOTS of time on his hands... or hers as the case may be!


I have a friend who became extremely adamant tonight when I asked about her ex-boyfriend popping around and how she felt about it.
He wasn't so much of a boyfriend as a late night visitor, and it was a big secret that they were together. When it ended for good, it was pretty ugly. Needless to say, she was really hurt.
Of course, now, a good time later, probably almost a year, he's back. Literally popped up out of nowhere.
We talked and she agreed that she needed to be careful of him, and especially what he had to say.
And then he stopped in again, of course, at 1 o'clock in the am. Gee, I wonder what he wanted? Of course, "nothing happened".
Now, tonight, she wanted to bet when he would return.
I told her, how about never? Do you really want him around?
She said that she just wanted to see something good come out of the bad, and I told her of course, you are looking for closure. I also informed her that unfortunately most people don't get that.
She informed me that this is the only time that she has never gotten closure, with this guy.
Why do I doubt that?
I never doubted someone before when they were adamant about something.
But people lie to themselves and then to you about certain things.
And then they are adamant.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Orbitz sucks!

I am taking my very first trip overseas.
Already booked my flight months ago...
I leave in two weeks and found out something very interesting about my "bargain" ticket just last night.
Not only was I changing planes at an airport, but there was a aiport change also.
I've never heard of such a thing, have you?
But there it was, in my itinerary, plain as day, had I ever gotten past the part that said "London".
Apparently, now, before you book such a flight, they tell you in big red letters before you actually book it... "by the way, if you didn't notice before, we've changed planes AND locations of planes on you on your layover... in a foreign city, the other airport IS an HOUR AWAY, and it will be up to you to make your way to the other site.... and if your flight is on time, you have no problems getting your baggage and finding said transportation then you should have no problems getting to your flight." This was NOT the case when I bought my ticket.
Oh, and the Orbitz agent was SO helpful this am when we spoke about my silly little problem with the ticket, "Oh, Ma'am, just carry-on your luggage, travel light, I know that you will be gone 10 days and that you are supposed to bring back presents, but you don't need to bring, well clothes for your trip... that way you can dash off of the plane and find transportation. Don't you want to save as much money as possible for your trip?" When I mentioned the fact that cabfare would cost extra money she was strangely silent.
I re-booked a flight through EXPEDIA, who charged LESS for their services, and didn't change aiports on my layovers.
I guess this is what my dad meant when he said live and learn?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

"A" for Grandmother

About five years ago, it became impossible for the family to get together on any occasion. I am from a large family, and even my immediate brothers and sisters have so many issues that they have all become "podlike" entities, separate, but related.
I live in Atlanta, GA while they exist in a small suburb of Columbus, OH.
Living in Atlanta is good for me as it maintains my sanity.
I make frequent trips up North, not for the bulk of them mind you, mostly for my grandmother. She is truly the most wonderful woman on the planet, and let me tell you, it's not just because she is my grandmother either. She is just an extremely kind, thoughtful woman. I stay with her when I visit due to other family complications, but it's actually the most wonderful place to be.
A wakes up super early, so by the time I wrestle out of bed the coffee is going and she's usually done with her breakfast (oatmeal, because it's good for her), listening to the oldies and munching on some fruit while she looks over the paper. This is our time of the day. No matter where I end up, how late I stay over my brothers tonight, this is our moment. We talk about everything for several hours generally before I will even shower and consider catching up with someone else in the family. She is 90, and does all her own books, laundry, and grocery shopping with my uncle. She is slow to ask for help, and in tune with every detail.
She tells me stories of my grandfather, catches me up with my relatives, tells me about her latest doctors appointments.
A has had several strokes in the last few years. Unfortunately, she can no longer drive due to some of the medication that she is taking. With her loss of freedom from driving she has dealt with having to ask her children and grandchildren to get her around for her chores, her weekly hair "doo" and the like. It's not the happiest place for her and she is comfortable enough to share it with me even if it is extremely painful for me to hear that she is unhappy.
Before I left A, I bought a basket with flowers planted inside of it. They were bright and cheery and I wanted her to think of me when she saw them. I hated the look on her face when I said goodbye. She looked so sad, and so was I.