Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drink Review

At Smoov Skanks Cocktail Cove, three drinks were sampled.

First, The Georgia Mint Julep! A powerful drink, especially if sipped with no food in the belly!
It combines cognac, peach brandy, mint, sugar, and just the smallest splash of water! Not for the faint of heart, but definitely a tasty treat.

Next, a returning favorite, The Communist. A tasty blend of OJ, gin, cherry heering (a cherry liquor), and lemon juice. Tasting like mild candy, the Communist is a smooth drink.

The final drink of the evening was a Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, a tart! drink designed to take the edge off of any hot day. It features lime juice, falernum (a sweet flavoring), and cointreau.

Quality drinks at Smoov Skanks Cocktail Cove by the mixologist himself! SMOOV!

Flickr fukced

Due to an inability to remember my original Flickr setup... small things, like the email account that I set it up under, the password, etc I am abandoning my Flickr account.
As far as I know, what is currently up will stay up, but will not be added to.
To see more pix, please go to my .mac account at the following address:

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's official, we can't communicate anymore

Unless of course it is via text or facebook.
In which case !POKE!...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun for retail

I love it when people come in and want something VERY specific.

For instance, a woman came in the other day looking for film. The particular film that she wanted came in a pack of five.

I politely asked my buyer if I could break up the five pack for this customer.

He explained that the manufacturer did not make individual packages of this film anymore, and we would be stocking it as a five-pack from here on out.

I explained this to the customer... including the part about how it comes from the manufacturer this way now.

Well, she said, where can I get it the way that I want to buy it?

After offering suggestions of other camera stores, stating that I wasn't really sure WHO would have it as it wasn't made this way anymore, she spun on her heel and chugged out of the store.

While exiting, she exclaimed to another customer coming in the door, " They are NASTY in there!"

This customer asked me what was up. I apologized again to him that we did not have the film in the way that she wanted to purchase it.

He then asked me for a camera we did not sell.

Some days you just can't win.

I think the next time I go into Publix I will ask for one hot dog and one bun to go with it.
Maybe one egg while I am at it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas sucks this year!

I work in a retail environment.
Christmastime can be rough, but oddly, it is wonderful to see the holiday spirit growing in people.
Even the most cynical look can sometimes relax into a wonderful smile of excitement.
Not this year.
Price tags are checked as every cent is counted. Very few people feel the need to be "complete" in their package to a loved one. And they aren't happy about it either!
The need for advice is great, the hesitation to buy more prevalent than ever.
The same friends for me won't be around in the same capacity and for some not around at all.
No gifts are in this year, except for a few.
Well, maybe the cats will cough up a few furballs for me!


Evidence that I will be missed if gone.
As my cats nudge my leg to be petted, and meow to be fed.

Friday, December 05, 2008

One of those moments

It was one of those moments that you did not want to hear.
Therefore, it was one of those moments you pretended you were happy to hear.
I swear I thought that I was over the entire thing, the entire relationship was extremely one-sided anyway. I loved him. He did not love me.
Trust me.
I made him repeat it a few times for my benefit because I am hard-headed like that.
For some reason, I thought that he could not say it.
He swore to me it was only because at the end of the day he was anti-relationship.
He was asexual.
It has been a while.
I have had more men under, and over me.
When I heard this news, I simply smiled and said, "Good for him!"
"I hope that he is happy." "I never wanted him to be alone."
I mean it.
And of course, part of me does not.
The girl part.
Why not me?
In any event it has happened.
Wow. What an interesting night.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Overheard on CNN

Somebody in congress, obviously a Republican, saying, "Why haven't the Democrats averted this impending disaster? They have been in charge for the last 14 months?"

Well, why didn't the Republicans realize it too if they have been in charge?

Shut up and work it out!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I finally figured out why my insides are mush, every food disagrees, and headaches have been the theme of the week.
I am afraid.
I am really afraid.
About to apply for grad school, working on a personal statement and a time line to get it all done in.
I have time.
It can be done.
But I am scared shitless.
I talked myself "off the ledge" earlier this evening.
Oddly though, writing about this now, my neck stiffens, my shoulders tighten.

It doesn't help that the economy is in the toilet, and everyone is arguing about what can be done to save it. It's not going to end quickly either.

What have I got to lose? I say in my brain.
A new mantra.