Sunday, April 25, 2004

I have fallen off the wagon. I couldn't help myself, it had been WAY too long, and I really just needed a small fix... But of course, as always, it brought a profound smile on my face, as it always does... And it can't be bad if I am not doing it EVERY DAY right?
Yes, I went to see my absolute, all-time favorite blues musician-Sean Costello.
First, he's perfectly adorable.
Second, he's a hell of a singer and guitar player.
Third, he always seems like he is singing JUST for you.
It was funny, one of his new songs I just totally related to... something to the affect of "you loved me, when I didn't love you" And of course, being in NST, listening to Sean and having him sing a song where a fella is using a woman for her money so that he can go play with other women totally reminded me of last summer's experience with my SCHMUCK.
I think that I am in a VERY good space/place away from that entire experience... although sometimes I reminisc a little too much... to which I quickly say "BAD HABIT". Sometimes I say it aloud just to be very firm with myself... my crutch, my negativity, my anger that I came away from that with sometimes overwhelms me and takes away any good outlook on life.
But back to Sean...
I didn't stay too long. I always have a good time when I go, but as usual, I was by myself and just wasn't feeling like being out, and being alone.
I got to talk a little with the band... no, not to SEAN, the band. I can't seem to make myself even say hi to the man, I am not sure why. But, when he is on the stage... I can't take my eyes off of him.
I will definitely be in line for the new cd!


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