Saturday, April 17, 2004

early in the am, I am back from my bday adventure.
It pays to be reserved and simply listen to people, because you hear volumes.... unfortunately I can't always turn down the volume so it doesn't always help.
It wasn't MY bday adventure, but someone elses.
I was feeling sad because I wasn't invited to a dinner beforehand... that I helped to recommend somehow... but somehow got excluded from.
No clear explanation was given but after my second drink, I cared alot less... plus alot of other people were busy bearing THEIR SOULS so, what could I do, but just listen?
Fortunately, I came with a friend... that was SICK! (generally, this isn't a blessing!) but tonight it was as I was in conversation hell!
I was listening to one friend go on about how he just couldn't be bothered to be in a relationship or commitment to another individual (translation.... I can't be bothered to clean my bathroom of the pink and green mold that now live in it.... along with the 3-4 inch hairballs covering the bathroom floor.... well not for just ANYONE.)
And also to listen to another girl that I barely know tell me about her past 3 relationships.... including the 2, and 3 that I just careened by her as she lived them....
And then to hear her tell me about how they are all "sweet" "great" guys and how one of them was a great "transition" man.... and very well versed in certain areas.... hmmmm interesting...
And then the one girl that I had expectations to be a good friend... who had already lied to me about said bday boy being too "overwhelmed" to have a bday dinner with us... which excluded me to actually being invited to said event... which was sorta disappointing as I was originally involved on "the plans" to celebrate his special event. It sorta surprises me when this type of shit happens. If you like people, you tell them why you didn't invite them. Bday boy said that his friends were invited... and that they left. *disclaimer... had a "moment" with this particular couples "friend" which may have considered me "uncomfortable" but ya know
we are all adults and we all know that NO ONE likes to be unicluded, when they originally were.
Would a note have been unforthcoming?
Anyway... back to the point, well sort of.
I really liked this girl. I thought that she had a certain class/style/poise that I would love to have in a friend.
Unfortunately.... this doesn't count.
No poise/class/style on this particular move.
And then she just made some comment on my outfit? I swear, since SCHMUCK... i am just too damn cynical of people, period.


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